How did Captain Kirk die?

How did Captain Kirk die?

warp core radiation poisoning
Jim joined Starfleet on a dare but he rapidly rose to become Captain of the Enterprise at just 25 years old when he led the starship’s defeat of Nero in 2258. But in Star Trek Into Darkness, which was set just a year later, Kirk died from warp core radiation poisoning while trying to save the Enterprise.

Why did they kill off Captain Kirk?

The end of Captain Kirk came about as the Star Trek franchise was pushing ahead with doing more feature films. But the brand wanted to transition away from the original franchise crew of the Enterprise-A to showcase members of Star Trek: The Next Generation’s Enterprise-D, led by Captain Jean-Luc Picard.

Who does Captain Kirk end up with?

James T. Kirk
Spouse Miramanee
Children David Marcus
Origin Earth
Born March 22, 2233 Riverside, Iowa

What were Spock’s last words?

The beloved actor almost always ended his tweets with “LLAP,” shorthand for “live long and prosper,” the Vulcan aphorism that became Spock’s — and, thus, Nimoy’s own — catchphrase.

Did Kirk have a son?

No. Kirk fathered two children, David Marcus with Carol Marcus and an unnamed child with his wife Miramanee, a Native American woman whose people were abducted from Earth centuries before.

Are Kirk and Spock in love?

Star Trek: The Original Series writer David Gerrold, has also spoken about K/S slash sometimes. In 1985, Gerrold commented: One of the truths I’ve been telling lately is that Kirk and Spock are not lovers they’re not even boyfriends. They’re just good friends.

Why did they replace like with Kirk?

The out of universe explanation is that the actor for Captain Pike Jeffrey Hunter did not want to continue the series after the pilot was rejected by NBC. As other answers said, the pilot was rejected because it was too slow. Jeffrey Hunter then went to Spain to continue his acting career there.

Why did they replace Pike with Kirk?

Jeffrey Hunter wasn’t available to do the second pilot (he was pursuing his film career, and some claim his then-wife convinced him science fiction was beneath him; they divorced a couple of years later), so the role was recast with William Shatner and along the way renamed (Christopher Pike became James Kirk).

What did Spock say to Kirk when he was dying?

Spock reassured Admiral James T. Kirk (William Shatner) as he died: (“Don’t grieve, Admiral. (Spock placed his hand on the chamber glass) Live long, and prosper”). Kirk placed his hand opposite Spock’s hand as his friend slowly collapsed, slumped down and expired next to him.