Every Girl’s Make-Up Kit Must-Haves

Every Girl’s Make-Up Kit Must-Haves

What’s in your makeup bag?

Have you ever wondered if you’ve got everything you need in your makeup bag as a girl? Well, if you ever did, then maybe you are actually unsure of what’s supposed to be in your bag for everyday use. Presenting yourself well in front of other people must always be a priority because as you see, first impressions last.

Here are every girl’s beauty must-haves that must always be in your bag:

  • Airbrush

At times, it will only take a number of hugs and kisses before your make-up wears off. This is where an airbrush comes in. They’re made to keep your skin looking flawless for the whole day.

The finish airbrushes present after touching up is worth the investment. Airbrush makeup is silicone-based which means that it will last longer than regular makeup. In addition, they are also known for their smooth finish.

Have one ready in your arsenal, however make sure you get a good brand – not just an airbrush, but a Belloccio airbrush. They were once made for models and cat walkers, but now… they’re readily available to everyday women for more affordable prices.

  • Primer

Before deciding to buy more makeup products to fill up your bag, make sure you grab a primer.

What’s a primer for?

Putting primer before makeup, makes any product easier to apply. Not only that, but they’ll surely last longer compared to applying them on bare skin.

Primers serve a dual purpose. For one, they improve the quality of your makeup products – be it your mascara, eye shadow, foundation, and lip primer (yes, you get primers for your lips too!). Most importantly, a primer will serve as a barrier between the makeup you use and your skin – keeping your skin healthy, beautiful and fresh all the time.

  • Blush

This one is quite magical. Sometimes it’s the only thing that you need. Forgot to take a shower? Blush on! You’ll look fresher than ever, but of course, taking a shower is always the way to go.

It sets up the mood, changes your aura and makes a good first impression. Having a light blush on will make you glow up – making you look more lively despite staying up late last night.

  • Lip Balm

Bring this with you everywhere you go. Dry lips aren’t that nice to look at, especially pale, flaky lips!

Lighten up your look with a deep red tint or look a little more lively with a glossy finish.

  • Mascara

They’re pretty easy to carry, so have them in your bag!

A good color mascara such as black or brown will make you look fabulous in an instant. What this does is improve the look of your eyes by defining their features. You can choose a thicker mascara to add more depth to your eyes, or you can choose a simpler look with a lighter blend.

You can also use mascara to make your eyelashes look fuller and thicker – a beauty necessity for all girls.

  • Eye Liner

You’ll just be surprised to find out how a fast eyeliner can change your whole look. A black eye liner will make you look classy in a jiffy – perfect for business meetings and formal occasions.

Want to look more sexy? Red always does the work!

Having an eye liner in your makeup bag will allow you to change your look in an instant while on the go.

  • Eyeshadow Palette

Your eyes carry your whole look. Dress them up and you’ll be improving your whole look 10x better. This is why you should invest in good eye makeup products.

Don’t forget about buying an eyeshadow palette to match your eyeliner and mascara. Eye shadow will easily put drama on your eyes, improving your overall makeup quality as it matches your get up.

  • Quality Brushes

It won’t matter if you have products of the highest quality if you don’t have the best brushes to use!

Mind the bristles. Choosing a good brush will require you to take a good look at the bristles. Make sure that they combine to provide the softest touch and no bumps or rugged edges!

Include a thin-tipped brush for your eye makeup, this will give you more control over your strokes and blending.

Of course, take a look at the handle. Will the handle give you accuracy when you use the brush? Feel it and see if it’s comfortable. Brushes with short handles are usually harder to use.

Go all in!

In today’s time, looks are as important as your riches. Good looks and likeable first impressions will go a long way and bring you success in the long run. So, if you think that investing in beauty products is a waste of time, think again. Is this really the case? Ask yourself what a good employee looks like, a trustworthy boss, or a woman who is ahead of the game. Yes, that’s right, looks always have a say in things.