Does the word echo have multiple meanings?

Does the word echo have multiple meanings?

any repetition or close imitation, as of the ideas or opinions of another. a person who reflects or imitates another. a sympathetic or identical response, as to sentiments expressed. a lingering trace or effect.

What is the form of echo?

An echocardiogram (echo) is a graphic outline of the heart’s movement. During an echo test, ultrasound (high-frequency sound waves) from a hand-held wand placed on your chest provides pictures of the heart’s valves and chambers and helps the sonographer evaluate the pumping action of the heart.

What are some examples of echo?

An example of echo is the repeating of a sound created by footsteps in an empty marble hallway. An example of echo is a new social program having a far reaching and lasting impact on society. An example of echo is a teacher agreeing with and repeating what a parent says.

What is repeated echo called?

When sound, or the echo itself, is reflected multiple times from multiple surfaces, the echo is characterized as a reverberation.

What does echo mean in writing?

Glossary of Grammatical and Rhetorical Terms Also called an echoic word. An echo word is a word or phrase (such as shilly shally and click and clack) that contains two identical or very similar parts: a reduplicative. An echo word is a word or phrase that recurs in a sentence or paragraph.

What are the applications of echo?

Applications of echoes – example Echoes are used by bats, dolphins and fisherman to detect an object / obstruction. They are also used in SONAR (Sound navigation and ranging) and RADAR(Radio detection and ranging) to detect an obstacle.

What does it mean to echo someone?

transitive verb. If you echo someone’s words, you repeat them or express agreement with their attitude or opinion. Their views often echo each other. Synonyms: recall, reflect, copy, mirror More Synonyms of echo.

Is echo same as reverb?

Here’s a quick explanation: An echo is a single reflection of a soundwave off a distance surface. Reverberation is the reflection of sound waves created by the superposition of such echoes. A reverberation can occur when a sound wave is reflected off a nearby surface.

Why is it called an echo?

The word echo derives from the Greek ἠχώ (ēchō), itself from ἦχος (ēchos), “sound”. Echo in the Greek folk story is a mountain nymph whose ability to speak was cursed, leaving her able only to repeat the last words spoken to her.

What is the origin of the word echo?

Meaning & History. Means “echo” from the word for the repeating reflected sound, which derives from Greek ηχη (eche) “sound”. In Greek mythology Echo was a nymph given a speech impediment by Hera, so that she could only repeat what others said.

Which is the best example of an echo?

something that is very similar to something that has happened or been said before echo of The article contains echoes of an earlier report. This idea finds an echo in many African countries. Examples from the Corpus echo • Chardin’s paintings of people also find an echo in some of today’s best figurative sculpture.

Which is the last echo in the ancient Israelite tradition?

• The Samaritans are the last echo that remain in the world of the ancient Israelite tradition. • On these tours you still can hear the echoes of resentment over items and fortunes lost in the Civil War. • The echo of the bells rang through the town. echo of • The uprising was an echo of the student protests in the ’60s.

Which is an example of a corpus Echo?

Examples from the Corpus echo • Chardin’s paintings of people also find an echo in some of today’s best figurative sculpture. • The reader’s interpretation is complicated by echoes of poetic use, and appreciation of the development of a topos. • Captain Cook’s third and last voyage was a dismal echo of the first two.

What does echo mean in English?

The name Echo is of English and Greek origin. The meaning of Echo is “sound”. Echo is generally used as a girl’s name.

The word “echo”, as we use it, comes from Greek mythology. Echo was a Nymph whose job it was to talk to Hera constantly while Zeus was having affairs, thus distracting Hera. When Hera found out, she cursed Echo to only be able to repeat what someone else had said, thus, the word “echo”.

What does echos mean?

The noun echos in Greek means “sound” in general. It acquired the specialized meaning of mode early on in the development of Byzantine music theory since the Octoechos reform in 692.

What does echo mean?

Definition of echo. (Entry 1 of 4) 1a : the repetition of a sound caused by reflection of sound waves. b : the sound due to such reflection. 2a : a repetition or imitation of another : reflection.