Can you lie about your resume?

Can you lie about your resume?

Once an employee is caught lying on a resume, the consequences can be grim, such as: Loss of job. Lying on a resume is a breach of trust and is seen as a serious character flaw, even if it is a small lie, such as claiming a degree from Harvard when you really withdrew one semester before graduating.

How can you identify fake candidates in the US?

How to Identify Fake Candidates via Phone Screening?Tip 1: Name of the candidate. Tip 2: Ask the whereabouts of the companies worked. Tip 3: Validate the Entry / Exit dates of the recent 2 employments. Case: Tip 4: Timesheet process followed in the Contractual employment. Tip 5: Ask how they got placed in their first employment. Tip 6: Propose a F2F Interview.

How do I know if my h1b visa is real?

Ask for candidate’s 1-797 copy(when first applied) and make a note of the receipt number. Cross check I-797 status using Plug in the receipt number to find the date of approval and is fool proof since the information obtained is directly from USCIS.