Can sleeping pills cause heart attack?

Can sleeping pills cause heart attack?

Sleeping pills increase the risk of cardiovascular events in heart failure patients by 8-fold, according to research. The investigators concluded: “Our results need confirmation in larger, prospective studies before heart failure patients can be advised to stop taking sleeping pills.

What to look for in a heart autopsy?

On the right side of the heart, dissect in the direction of blood flow: Superior vena cava > right atrium > tricuspid valve > right ventricle. Look for thromboses or patent foramen ovale. Dissect the atrial appendages, to exclude thromboses. Dissect the left ventricle, such as into circumferential slices from the apex to the base.

Is there a poison that mimics a heart attack?

Potassium chloride causes severe heart arrhythmias and mimics a heart attack. These break down to elements natural in the body and would easily be overlooked: succinic acid and choline for SUX, potassium and chloride of course for potassium chloride which is common in heart attack victims due to muscle damage.

What are the causes of sudden cardiac death?

Based upon the Veneto Region study project on juvenile SD, cardiovascular diseases accounted for more than 80% of cases and about one third of events were due to a congenital heart defect present since birth [8,9,13]. Table 1 reports the main causes of cardiovascular SD in the young in major series which have been published in English.

Are there any poisons that can be detected by autopsies?

Science and autopsies have reached a point in the modern world where poisons are generally detectable. The best poisons are ones that break down into elements that occur naturally: succinylcholine(SUX) and potassium chloride. SUX causes asphyxiation and paralysis, however it is a very painful death.

Can a cause of death be determined without an autopsy?

Accuracy of cause of death determination without forensic autopsy examination. Medical examiners and coroners commonly determine cause and manner of death without an autopsy examination. Some death certificates generated in this way may not state the correct cause and manner of death.

Are there any drugs that cause or exacerbate heart failure?

This scientific statement is designed to serve as a comprehensive and accessible source of drugs that may cause or exacerbate heart failure to assist healthcare providers in improving the quality of care for these patients. Heart failure (HF) remains the leading discharge diagnosis among patients ≥65 years of age.

How is myocarditis a cause of sudden cardiac death?

The strongest evidence that subclinical myocarditis can be a cause of ventricular fibrillation comes from an autopsy series on USA army recruits in which 42% of those who died suddenly had histological evidence of myocarditis [19].

What causes polypharmacy in patients with heart failure?

The reasons for polypharmacy among patients with HF can be both complex and multifactorial.