Can interns quit?

Can interns quit?

Treat your internship resignation just like you would a job. Be professional and make sure to indicate your last day on the letter, which should coincide with the end of your two weeks. Keep hustling. Dedicating the remainder of your time to completing projects and finishing tasks is a great way to leave on good terms.

When should you quit an internship?

When Quitting an Internship Is a Good Choice When you feel threatened or unsafe. When your personal values are being compromised. When you feel exploited or disrespected on the job. When the company is involved in illegal practices or unethical behavior.

Is it bad to quit an internship early?

The work you do at an internship needs to benefit your future career. If you decide to leave an internship early you can 1) leave it off your resume (especially if you were only there for a short period of time) or 2) explain how the internship didn’t help you excel during your next interview.