Can chiropractor prescribe muscle relaxers?

Can chiropractor prescribe muscle relaxers?

It’s not in the scope of practice for a chiropractor to prescribe a muscle relaxer. But honestly, why would you ever want one? If your back hurts that bad, even after your chiropractic appointment, and you really need to take something… I would recommend an over-the-counter to help with some pain relief.

Can a chiropractor write a prescription for pain?

The question of whether or not Chiropractors can prescribe pain medication is something that many pain sufferers ask. The answer is that in most of the United States, Chiropractors are not licensed to write prescriptions for medications.

Can a chiropractor write a prescription for a medication?

According to, chiropractors are not trained in pharmacology and therefore cannot prescribe medication that requires a prescription to dispense. Only doctors of medicine with a state-certified medical license are permitted to prescribe medications.

Can a chiropractor give out medical prescriptions in New Mexico?

Recently, one of the few states that has passed legislation to allow chiropractors to give out medical prescriptions is New Mexico. Beforehand, chiropractors in New Mexico must complete a course on the subject. Once completed they can legally give out prescriptions.

Do you need a doctor to see a chiropractor?

Chiropractic care is a form of alternative medicine. As points out, many chiropractors consult with medical doctors and osteopaths to provide patients with additional care when prescription medication is in the best interest of the patient. What Is the Purpose of Budgeting?

What should chiropractors do about prescriptive authority?

Chiropractors who wish to pursue limited prescriptive authority should lobby their professional associations and regulatory bodies to engage in dialogue with like-minded politicians and third-party payers to highlight and promote the benefits of making such changes to the existing health-care system.