6 Awesome Gifts You Can Print With A 3D Printer

6 Awesome Gifts You Can Print With A 3D Printer

The popularity of 3D printing is rapidly growing. From classrooms to the medical field, the usage of 3D printers is widespread and diverse. From food to medical equipment, new printing patterns are being continually developed and printing is being tried with new materials.

With a professional 3d printer becoming more affordable, many crafters and hobbyists are purchasing them for personal use in their homes. From simple patterns to complicated projects, there are items you can make at every skill level. 3D printer users are both printing things for fun and earning an income by selling their printed items online.

But what about knocking out your holiday shopping list? 3D printing gifts gives you the opportunity for complete customization. You can create a gift in your recipient’s favorite color or make it the perfect size for their space. Knowing that the gift was created specifically for them gives it a special, personal touch.

There are 3D printed gift ideas for everyone from teachers to your kid nephew. With everything from household items to toys, these items are unique and sure to make a big impression. Check out these 6 awesome gift ideas that you can create right on your printer.

Desk Toys For The Office

Office gift ideas are often dull and repetitive. This year, forget the old fallback packages of pens and candy. Impress your boss and co-workers with something different and homemade.

Who doesn’t love a great fidget toy? These desk toy patterns can be created right on your 3D printer. From desk fans to adorable robots, there is a huge variety of possibilities. Create a festive, flexible Christmas tree or a bright-colored spinning top! These items are unique and add a bit of fun to the office!

These projects can also make great promotional items for clients or customers. You can even create them in your company colors. There are patterns out there to create something for everyone on your professional gift-giving list.

A Practical Gift For Teachers

Teachers receive countless coffee mugs and baked goods every year for Christmas. Make your child’s teacher something special that they can actually use. An adorable calendar for their desk is a practical gift they will appreciate.

Check out this vintage-inspired flip calendar! When flipped, the card slides down and displays the date of the next day. The month ring at the bottom rotates to show the current month. You can even print the names of the months in several languages!

The finished product doesn’t need batteries. And can be used year after year! You could even make it in the teacher’s favorite team or school colors to add some spirit to their desks!

A Useful Gift For Mom

6 Awesome Gifts You Can Print With A 3D Printer

What do you get for the mom or grandmother that has everything? Does she have a green thumb or enjoy fresh plants? Moms love receiving handmade gifts, even from adult children. Printing her this self-watering planter is a great solution!

The two parts of the pot can be created in colors to match her home decor. And it’s the perfect size for a desk or windowsill. You can pop in a festive plant, and present your mom for the perfect gift she will love showing off to her friends!

This planter is super simple to set up and even easier to use. Just refill the external reservoir to the line in the spout whenever it empties! Make sure she lets the soil dry out every once in a while to keep the plant healthy. It’s an easy way for her to care for her plants while being a great conversation starter!

Unique Gifts From Santa

Even the elves are 3D printing now! Want to avoid the toy aisle and get your kiddo something unique this year? Leave 3D printed gifts under the tree! From trains to building blocks, there are patterns for every type of toy imaginable available online.

What boy doesn’t want a whole arsenal of toy weapons? You can create an entire gift set of Nerf-like items with your 3D printer! There are a variety of patterns available to create everything you need for a crazy, Christmas Day battle!

There are patterns that are available to print entire dart guns. You can also print accessories like viewfinders and stands to customize your weapons. Tips for the ends of darts and fun targets for aiming practice can also be printed. Organize your stash with 3D printed mountable brackets.

A Touching and Romantic Gift

3D printed jewelry has become a huge industry. Printing allows for the creation of pieces from sturdy to extremely delicate. The ability to create printed pieces also makes customizing jewelry quicker and more cost-effective. So, why not fire up your 3D printer and create your own piece to give to that special someone?

There are tutorials to create jewelry on your printer. These step-by-step instructions will guide you in making a unique piece. The online software allows you to design items like rings, bracelets, and pendants. You can then export the pattern to use on your 3D printer. The finished project is sure to make an impression!

Wrap It Up

Now that you’ve created the perfect gift, it’s time to wrap it up. Gift-giving is all about presentation. But don’t shut down your printer just yet!

You can 3D print a gift box to perfectly package your gift! These boxes come in an infinite number of sizes and shapes. The color can be customized to the season or occasion. And the recipient will even be able to re-use or re-gift the box!


6 Awesome Gifts You Can Print With A 3D Printer

From birthdays to holidays, 3D printing can change the way you approach gift-giving. You will no longer have the limitations of store-bought items. Coming up with a gift at the last minute will be a breeze.

As you keep creating gifts, you can take on even more complicated projects. The possibilities are endless with the number of patterns at your fingertips. As you learn more techniques to modify projects, you will be able to customize your gifts even more!

From whimsical to practical, there is a 3D printed gift idea for everyone on your list. And, your recipients will be so grateful to receive such personal and custom items! While you’re at it, make sure to print up something nice for yourself!