Your Worst Nightmare About Junk Removal Come to Life

Your Worst Nightmare About Junk Removal Come to Life

If you are facing a huge junk removal job after remodeling your home or cleaning out the garage and shed, you’re probably wondering what to do with all the stuff that you’ve cleaned out. You’ll have to get rid of it by having someone pick it up and haul it away. You might not be sure of what to recycle and what to toss out. You might even have some things that can be sold at a yard sale. Here are some tips that might help.

Set Aside the Stuff to Be Hauled

Certain items are clearly not going to be bought by anyone, and you will never use them again. A three-legged table, a refrigerator missing a motor, and a bicycle with a bent frame do not do you any good sitting around the house without being repaired or used for parts. Gather everything that needs to go, from damaged car parts to a broken wheelbarrow and anything else taking up space. The chances are good that you have kept some things around because you forgot about them or assumed that someday you would get around to fix them. Well, it’s never too late, even twenty years later, it’s time to free up the storage where they have been sitting and gathering dust, so contact a junk removal company. They can come out to your home and see what you have to provide a quote for hauling things away.

Disassemble machinery destined for hauling with sharp edges or dangerous parts that could injure a mover when handling them. Wrap up, bag, or cover messy items, like grease-spattered boards or crumbling drywall leftover from your renovations to avoid a mess in your driveway or the junk dealer’s truck. Make it easy for the unwanted items to be loaded quickly and safely without sticky or dirty residue.

Organize Things That Can You Can Sell

The junk hauling company might be interested in buying usable items that you want to get rid of. Ask if they’re interested in a washing machine that just needs an agitator part or a scratched coffee table that just needs to be refinished. If the haulers don’t want to repair broken things, they might know someone who might want to buy them.

Whatever is left that you think is saleable, put a sticker price on it and arrange everything neatly in your yard or garage on a good-weather day. Advertise your sale on social media and the local newspaper to attract buyers. You might be surprised to find that some people will be interested in your broken tools and leftover remodeling supplies. They will pay you to let them take your discarded possessions away instead of paying a junk hauler to remove them for you.

Recycle What You Can

Group recyclable things together for drop-off at the community recycle company. Soda cans, newspapers and magazines, metal trim, old appliances, and other items of no value might be worth a little bit of cash by recycling them. If you have been collecting recyclable plastic containers or soup cans for a long time, make a point of getting rid of them now as you clear out the crowded areas.

Call the recycling company first or check the website to see what they will and will not accept. Plan to go on a day and time when they are open. Be ready to answer questions about what’s missing or what’s wrong with the things you’re going to drop off. Get everything packed up for transit and take them to the recycling center asap.

Discard Trash and Debris

Anything that the junk removal company can’t use or doesn’t want to take can be set aside for trash pickup. Bag up the debris and rubbish for your regular trash pickup day. If you have too much for one week’s pickup service, set out a few bags each week until everything is finally gone.

You can also rent a skip bin for a few days to load it up with everything you want to throw out, significantly larger items that won’t fit into your regular trash bin for weekly removal service. Break down the cardboard boxes to fit into a carton or trash bag. It is necessary to throw out dirty rags, discarded pet toys, and leftover mouse traps.

Yes, Nothing is impossible.

A glance at your garage, basement, attic, or shed might make you think that cleaning out those places is an impossible job. But the work is doable if you get organized and have a plan for all the unwanted things you have to get rid of. Start with one area at a time, decide what to do with anything that needs to go, and throw it out, sell it, or have it hauled away. You’ll love the look of your restored space that can be used more productively.