Why is Tokyo a good place to live?

Why is Tokyo a good place to live?

The truth is Tokyo is a great place to live for multiple reasons including the city’s peace and security, cleanliness, infrastructure, convenience, and an abundance of things to do. Although lots of expats love living in Tokyo it’s not right for everyone.

What are the advantages of living in Tokyo?

10 Best things about living in Tokyo Japan

  1. Clean. For Tokyo being the biggest city it is surprisingly clean!
  2. Everything is cute!
  3. Public transportation.
  4. Convenient.
  5. Entertainment.
  6. Low crime rate.
  7. Endless shopping.
  8. Delicious cheap food.

Why do people like going to Tokyo?

Staying in Tokyo can be a rich cultural experience and give you a host of new memories. Having an open mind as you move through the city can lead you to interesting shops, restaurants and just sights found off the beaten path. You can enjoy a traditional cultural experience or try something innovative.

What is so great about Tokyo?

Tokyo is famous for Anime, electronics, manga, and video games. Akihabara is the epicenter if it all. It becomes a jungle of electric lights and colors at night, providing a sensory overload for visitors. Getting lost, window shopping, and photography are top activities here.

What is bad about living in Tokyo?

Demerits: the cost of living is too high, it’s too noisy, the air is dirty, there’s no nature, there’s no solace, people are stressed out, the trains get so crowded you think you’re going to go crazy, wherever you go there are people, people, people to the point of being maddening.”

What are the pros and cons of living in Japan?

The Best and Worst Things About Living in Japan A list of 5 pros and 5 cons

  • PRO #1: The Shopping and Convenience Stores.
  • CON #1: No Individualism.
  • PRO #2: The Food.
  • CON #2: The Food.
  • PRO #3: Improving Your Japanese.
  • CON #3: Less than Ideal Living Quarters.
  • PRO #4: Getting a Job.
  • CON #4: Working in Japan Can Suck.

What are the negatives of living in Tokyo?


  • Rent. Rent in Tokyo is one of the most expensive’s in the world and for such a small space.
  • Over-crowded and small spaces. Anywhere you go you have to say sumimasen (excuse me) because there are just too many people in Tokyo.
  • Communication. Yes, Japanese is hard, period.
  • Getting a Job.
  • Work-life balance.

Why is Tokyo so beautiful?

Tourists love Tokyo because they can enjoy both city life and natural landscapes. Visitors also love the delicious cuisine. Must-dos include shopping in Akihabara, visiting a cherry-blossom festival, seeing where the emperor lives at the Imperial Palace, and taking in the city’s skyline from a colorful Ferris wheel.

Why Tokyo is popular?

Tokyo (東京, Tōkyō) is Japan’s capital and the world’s most populous metropolis. Today, Tokyo offers a seemingly unlimited choice of shopping, entertainment, culture and dining to its visitors. The city’s history can be appreciated in districts such as Asakusa and in many excellent museums, historic temples and gardens.

What are the downsides of living in Japan?

Cons of Living in Japan

  • The High Living Cost. You can expect to shell out big bucks for rent if you want to live anywhere near a Japan city Centre.
  • Non-existent Work-life Balance. Japan has an incredibly hard-working culture.
  • Natural Disasters.
  • Opening a Bank Account is Tough.
  • Always an Outsider.
  • Male Chauvinism.

Is living in Japan better than America?

While America’s economy is technically better, Japan has lower unemployment, less inequality and better social support systems. The Japanese people tend to be very highly educated, though there’s a lot of evidence that this has more to do with a very strong culture of education, moreso than the quality of the schools.

What are some of the disadvantages of living in Tokyo?

Is it a good idea to live in Tokyo?

Tokyo is a great city to visit, there are a lot of job opportunities there, and of course you can live where you choose to. If you live in Tokyo, you can have a great social life and never run out of things to do. (PS: Tokyo Disneyland is not in Tokyo.)

Why do people want to live in Japan?

There are lots of reasons to want to live in Japan. It CAN be a beautiful culture, and it certainly has a lot of beautiful and historical sites. The health-care system and standard of living make it attractive to Westerners who want ‘something different’ while working.

Why are there so many foreigners in Tokyo?

There are so many foreigners in Tokyo that you will easily be able to find someone to hang out with and speak in English. This is my number one reason to NOT live in Tokyo. My goal for living in Japan was improving in Japanese.

Which is the best place to live in Japan?

Before going further and risking a backlash from people in love with and/or living in Japan outside of Tokyo, it’s worth noting that I’ve spent the majority of my two Japanese months in and around Tokyo. I understand that Tokyo is not an accurate representation of Japan as a whole, and it may or may not be the best place to live in Japan.