Why is chewing tobacco bad for your health?

Why is chewing tobacco bad for your health?

Many of the harmful ways chewing tobacco affects your running manifest with time. As a general rule, the longer you chew the more danger you are in. The nicotine in chewing tobacco causes high blood pressure, or hypertension, which strains your heart more when paired with the narrow veins also caused by nicotine.

Which is better for you smoking or chewing tobacco?

Despite the regular claims (mostly by smokeless tobacco manufactures) that chewing tobacco is safer than smoking, your best bet would be to ditch the habit completely, with or without the use of (far safer) electronic cigarettes. Does Chewing Tobacco Cause High Blood Pressure?

How long can you chew on smokeless tobacco for?

According to the National Institutes of Health, chewing on an average-size piece of smokeless tobacco for 30 minutes delivers as much nicotine as smoking three cigarettes.

Are there any health problems with smokeless tobacco?

Numerous studies are showing similar health problems associated with smokeless tobacco as with smoking. There are two types of smokeless tobacco: snuff and chewing tobacco. Snuff tobacco is finely ground and is typically placed between the cheek and gum. Chewing tobacco is available in either loose leaf or twist forms.

What are the health effects of chewing tobacco?

Research shows that people who chew tobacco have a higher concentration of serum cotinine and NNAL than smokers, and dangerously high percentage of lead in blood than those who don’t use tobacco in any form. Long-term users of chewing tobaccoare at a higher risk of head and neck cancer, some say even as compared to tobacco smokers.

Is it possible to get cancer from chewing tobacco?

While the risks of getting cancer from chewing tobacco are lower than those associated with smoking cigarettes, the health risks of chewing tobacco are very real and potentially fatal. Chewing tobacco use also has not been shown to be helpful for smokers who want to quit smoking.

Is it better to quit chewing tobacco or smokeless tobacco?

Because of the health risks, smokeless tobacco products aren’t a good alternative to quit smoking. If you use chewing tobacco or other forms of smokeless tobacco, consider options to help you quit. Your doctor can be a great resource and can help you create a quit plan.

Is the nicotine in chewing tobacco addictive?

Chewing cigarettes (also termed e-cigarettes) are designed to provide nicotine in vapor to the user without burning tobacco. However, the smokeless cigarettes still provide addictive nicotine to the user and secondhand nicotine to others.