Why have I got a ridge on my head?

Why have I got a ridge on my head?

The folds and ridges, that give the appearance of a brain on top of the head, is an indication of an underlying disease: cutis verticis gyrata (CVG). The rare disease causes a thickening of the skin on the top of the head which leads to the curves and folds of the scalp.

Can I reshape my skull?

A skull reshaping surgery, also called cranioplasty, is a surgery designed to correct skull / cranium deformities. It is aimed at reshaping or correcting irregularities and/or imperfections of the skull.

How big is the dent in my head?

I recently noticed a dent on the top of my head. It is about an inch back from my hairline, about an inch long and half an inch wide. Now there seems to be another one much smaller just to the left of it. There were never dents in my skull before. Do you have any idea what this could be? Loading… Guest over a year ago

What to do about a dent on the top of your head?

Dear The dent on top of your skull bone may be anything from a nonfused plate since childhood to recent subcutaneous erosion of bone of unknown reason. You need to get it evaluated through a xray of the skull first, if inconclusive then a CT Scan of the skull would surely help along with consultation with your GP.

Can a head injury cause a dent in the skull?

Injury or trauma to the head can lead to a dent in skull or skull indentation. It is a prevalent cause of developing this problem. Head trauma is one of the most common reasons for the Emergency room admissions. If your head is injured due to any of the above causes, you can have symptoms like:

Can a baby be born with a dent in the head?

There are case reports of skull depressions that have led doctors to discover cancer in a person. These cases are rare , but “bone-destructive” cancers (such as multiple myeloma) can cause skull depressions and skull irregularities. Sometimes babies are born with an indentation in their skull.

What happens when you get a dent in your head?

Skull fractures occur as a result of a blow or impact to the head. Injury to the skull can occur after any direct force, such as a car accident, fall, or physical assault. An injury to the brain, known as a traumatic brain injury (TBI), can sometimes accompany a skull fracture, but that is not always the case.

Where are the most common dents in the head?

The most common locations of dents in the head happen to be the forehead, top of the head, and the back of the head. In order to better understand this, there is a need to look at head injuries and their various types. Head injuries including dents in head are currently ranked as some of the most common causes of death and disability in adults.

Can a small dent in the head lead to cancer?

In some uncommon instances, case reports of [&skull&] [&depression&] have led doctors to discover cancer in a person. Such cases are rare, however, “[&bone&]-destructive” cancers (such as multiple myeloma) [&can&] lead to [&depression&] of the [&skull&] and abnormalities of the [&head&].

Such cases are rare, however, “bone-destructive” cancers (such as multiple myeloma) can lead to depression of the skull and abnormalities of the head. Occasionally babies are born with a skull indentation.