Why does my urine smell bad when I go to the bathroom?

Why does my urine smell bad when I go to the bathroom?

Another one of the possible reasons that your urine smells bad could be due to a urinary infection. According to a study published in 2010, urinary tract infections are fairly frequent. The most common symptoms include: Strong urges to use the restroom. Burning sensation when urinating. Stomach pain.

Why does my urine smell like ammonia when I pee?

Reason Your Pee Stinks: You Have a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) When an infection occurs anywhere in your urinary tract (think: a bladder infection or UTI), bacteria can change the color and smell of your urine, says Dr. Movassaghi. Usually, you’ll notice that your urine smells like ammonia or fish.

Who is most likely to suffer from smelly urine?

Who can Suffer from Smelly Pee? 1 Women often have very strong-smelling fishy urine because of urinary tract infections. 2 Men can get UTIs too and these are more common after the age of 50. 3 If you have diabetes, you may notice that you have sweet-smelling urine. 4 Anyone’s pee can smell stronger in the morning because urine is more concentrated.

Why does my pee smell when I have kidney stones?

You have kidney stones. Smelly pee can also be a sign of kidney stones, due to the kidney stone trying to make its way out of your body, causing a backup of urine (and possibly a urinary tract infection). If your pee is smelly and is accompanied by cloudy urine and pain in your back or side, see a doctor to get that kidney stone out of there ASAP.

Why has my urine started to smell really bad recently?

The most common causes of bad smelling urine are dehydration, dietary changes, or a side-effect of medication. Less commonly, strong smelling urine can also be caused by infection, high blood sugar, or liver damage.

What is the reason for strong smelling urine?

One of the most common causes of smelly urine could be UTI or Urinary tract infection. In fact, when urine has a strong ammonia smell, or a foul smell is often the first indication that you have a urinary tract infection.

Why does my pee smell really bad in the morning?

Thus the urea, highly concentrated in the urine, smells, often times strongly of ammonia. Any sort of dehydration can cause this, even because of being in bed for a few hours, which is why urine can smell in the morning, just after you’ve woken up.

Why does urine smell like sulfur and how to cure?

Diet: Eating certain foods like asparagus and consuming citrus fruits or vinegar in excess can cause excretion of the excess acid through ammonia. The ammonia creates a sulfur or rotten egg-like smell in urine. Medications: Medications such as antibiotics or supplements like multivitamins can change the odor of urine.