Why does my Bellend look blue?

Why does my Bellend look blue?

1 You may have bruised your penis. Bruising happens when an injury causes tiny blood vessels under your skin to leak. That can make your skin turn purple, blue, green, or even black. Catching your penis in your zipper, getting hit or bumping into something, or just having rough sex are all common causes, says Dr.

What Colour should a mans Bellend be?

It may be pink, purple or blue “The skin on the head of your penis is thinner than the shaft skin, so it changes colour easily in response to blood flow,” says Dr Levine. If you’re Caucasian, it’s normal to sport a red knob when you’re aroused and a purple one when you’re not.

What is a normal foreskin?

The foreskin is the retractable tube of skin that covers and protects the head (glans) of the penis. All healthy boys are born with a foreskin. A guy who has a penis with a foreskin will need to pull it back and wash underneath it in order to prevent secretions from building up and attracting infection.

Why do so many people like the color blue?

While the reason why a significant chunk of the world’s population likes blue cannot be predicted by any one thing, it can be seen as a summary of many things that we have experienced in our lifetime. So what’s your favorite color?

Why do some plants have a blue color?

Through pH shifts and a mixing of pigments, combined with the reflection of natural light, the plants are able to generate the appearance of a naturally occurring, blue color. That’s the reason why plants such as bluebells, hydrangeas and morning glories appear various shades of blue,…

Why are so many of the world’s brands in blue?

The answer is science, not fashion. Look at the home screen of your phone and you’ll probably see a ton of blue — Facebook, LinkedIn, Skype, all blue. Glance up at the real world and you’ll notice much the same. GM, Ford, Intel, Boeing, and Walmart all represent themselves in blue too. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. What’s going on here?

Why are blue lights used in real life?

This calming effect of blue has even been put to use in the real world in arenas other than branding. “In 2009, blue lights were installed at the end of platforms on Tokyo’s Yamanote railway line to reduce the incidence of suicide.