Why does a B12 injection hurt my arm?

Why does a B12 injection hurt my arm?

As we said, when people complain about their sore, aching arm after a B12 injection, it’s often because of IM delivery. Penetrating muscle tissue is painful, and you may also hit a nerve by accident. In contrast, SQ injections are painless, because it’s just fat tissue you are penetrating. However, the injection site itself also matters.

How to reduce muscular pain from vitamin B12 injections?

Listed are some helpful tips for reducing localized muscular pain and irritation caused by vitamin B12 injections.

Is it bad to get vitamin B12 injections?

Nobody loves getting injections, but if you need regular vitamin B12 supplements, then you’re all too familiar with vitamin B12 injection pain. The dull throbbing and soreness, side effects of prescribed intramuscular (IM) injections can last forever, even if you self-inject vitamin B12 in the comfort of your own home. Listed are some […]

Why does a B12 shot sting so bad?

If you have ever had muscle pain after a B12 shot, the reason was, well, that you were injecting into muscle tissue! Intramuscular (IM) B12 shots do have quite a sting, which is unfortunate, because it puts many people off from self-injecting. However, IM delivery isn’t necessary at all.

Are there any side effects from vitamin B12 injections?

Vitamin B12 injections are generally considered to be very safe. They have no major side effects. ). If you experience any side effects, speak with your doctor.

What happens when you inject insulin into your muscle?

If you inject the insulin deeper into your muscle, your body will absorb it too quickly, it might not last as long, and the injection is usually more painful. This can lead to low blood glucose levels. People who take insulin daily should rotate their injection sites.

What happens if you get an injection in your arm?

This advertisement has not loaded yet, but your article continues below. These injection-caused injuries often make simple tasks – such as lifting your arm to change a light bulb or reaching behind you to put your arm through the sleeve of a jacket – painful, even impossible.

Why do I have pain after an injection?

Extreme Pain at the Injection Site. In some cases, the pain may be extreme but not particularly dangerous (such as when an intramuscular injection accidentally hits the sciatic nerve ). But, at other times, it may be due to an infection that might only get worse if left untreated.