Why do I feel bloated in the middle of my stomach?

Why do I feel bloated in the middle of my stomach?

Abdominal bloating and swelling is described in many different ways. Some people describe it more as a symptom – as a feeling of indigestion or a tight abdomen, and some people define it more as a sign – that they can visually see that their belly is distended or their clothes look too tight around the middle.

Can a bloated stomach be a sign of stomach cancer?

5. Stomach cancer is usually asymptomatic early on, or causes vague symptoms like bloating, indigestion, and a feeling of fullness in the upper abdomen. Like pancreatic cancer, it may have already reached an advanced stage at diagnosis, in which case there will likely be additional symptoms of weight loss, nausea, and abdominal pain.

How to get rid of a bloated stomach?

How to get rid of a severely bloated abdomen. Stop painful stomach bloating and never have to deal with a swollen, distended or bloated belly again! How to fix and get rid of an extremely bloated stomach at the root cause; not just temporary relief.

Why do I have a lot of gas in my stomach?

The cause is unclear, but hormones seem to play a part. It can help to exercise and stay away from salt, sugar, and simple carbs. These carbs are digested near the end of your intestine, where bacteria feed on them. For some people, this can cause gas and fluid buildup, belly pain, and bloating.

What causes bloating and pain in the stomach?

Colon Cancer. Cancer in the abdominal area can put pressure on organs such as your bowels, stomach, or pelvis. Pressure from the cancerous tumor could be the cause of your bloating stomach and abdominal pain. Persistent bloating, severe abdominal pain, rectal bleeding, and constipation can all be signs of colon cancer.

What are the signs and symptoms of bloating?

Other signs and symptoms to look out for with your constant bloating include: Severe abdominal pain. Ascites. Chronic fatigue. Reduced appetite. Weight loss. Blood in your stool.

What does it mean when your stomach swells every time you eat?

Swelling of the stomach, also called bloating, can add a few inches to your waistline, make you feel full and cause minor discomfort in your abdomen. Bloating is a common occurrence on occasion, but if you develop bloating every time you eat, you need to make an appointment with your doctor.

Can a bowel obstruction cause abdominal bloating?

Colon cancer: Colon cancer can also have symptoms of bloating as an initial symptom, especially when it causes a bowel obstruction. As noted earlier, the symptom of abdominal bloating is most commonly caused by conditions that are more of a nuisance than life-threatening.