Why did Fiona Woods move to Australia?

Why did Fiona Woods move to Australia?

In March 2007 Wood also cared for several victims of an airplane crash at Yogyakarta Airport, in Indonesia. Wood received the Order of Australia in 2003 for her work with the Bali bombing victims.

Was Fiona Wood Australian of the Year?

WANational RecipientAustralian of the Year2005 Fiona Wood was born in Yorkshire and studied medicine in London before immigrating to Perth with her Australian husband in 1987. Wood patented her method in 1993 and later co-founded a private company to promote it worldwide.

Who is Dr Fiona Woods husband?

Tony Keirath
Fiona Wood/Husband

Where was Fiona Woods born?

Yorkshire, United Kingdom
Fiona Wood/Place of birth

When did Fiona Wood have children?

Wood worked at a major British hospital before marrying Western Australian born surgeon Tony Kierath and migrating to Perth with their first two children in 1987.

Where does Fiona Wood live now?

Fiona Melanie Wood AM FAHMS (born 2 February 1958) is an English-born Australian plastic surgeon working in Perth, Western Australia. She is the director of the Royal Perth Hospital burns unit and the Western Australia Burns Service.

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What is Fiona Wood famous for?

Professor Fiona Wood is one of Australia’s most innovative and respected surgeons and researchers. A highly skilled plastic and reconstructive surgeon and world leading burns specialist, she has pioneered research and technology development in burns medicine.

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Where does Dr Fiona Woods work in Australia?

In addition to her work with the McComb Foundation, Wood currently holds positions as director of the West Australian Burns Service, consultant plastic surgeon of Royal Perth Hospital and Princess Margaret Hospital for Children and professor in the Burn Injury Research Unit at the University of Western Australia.

When did Fiona Wood become Australian of the year?

She was named Australian of the Year for 2005 by Australian Prime Minister John Howard at a ceremony in Canberra to mark Australia Day . In March 2007, following the crash landing of Garuda Indonesia Flight 200, Wood travelled to Yogyakarta, to assist in the emergency medical response for burn victims.

When did Fiona Woods become a plastic surgeon?

She became a Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery in 1990. Wood became a consultant plastic surgeon in 1991 and her interests focused on burns care and reconstruction. Also in 1991 she became the director of the Burn Service of Western Australia.

When did Fiona Wood become a citizen of the year?

She is an Australian Living Treasure. In 2005, Wood won the Western Australia Citizen of the Year award for her contribution to Medicine in the field of burns research. In 2015, Wood was elected Fellow of the Australian Academy of Health and Medical Sciences. ^ “Fiona wood”. Encyclopædia Britannica. Retrieved 13 February 2009.