Who set the bomb that killed Morgan on General Hospital?

Who set the bomb that killed Morgan on General Hospital?

In January 2017, it was revealed that Julian Jerome’s sister, Olivia Jerome is alive and well and the head of the Jerome mob family and that she was the one who set the bomb that ultimately killed Morgan, as she was trying to kill Julian.

What happened to Jason Morgan on General Hospital?

Unfortunately, as the truth came out, Cesar Faison shot Jason at the docks and kicked him into the water! But Jason was really alive, and being held in a hospital by Victor Cassadine who hoped to force Robin to bring his dead family members back to life and wanted her to test the procedure on Jason.

Who killed Bradley Ward?

Jack Boland
He is also the grandfather of Maya Ward….Wiki Targeted (Entertainment)

Bradley Ward
Born 1945 Norfolk, Virginia
Died July 1, 1974 The Ward House 24 Royal St Port Charles, New York
Age 29 (at death)
Cause of death Shot by Jack Boland

Who was sage on General Hospital?

Sage Alcazar is a fictional character on the ABC soap opera, General Hospital. She was portrayed by Eileen Boylan in 2003, and then by Katie Stuart in 2004.

How old is Sonny on General Hospital?

Wiki Targeted (Entertainment)

Sonny Corinthos
Ethnicity Cuban-American Greek-American Irish-American
Gender Male
Born April 20, 1965 (Revised to 1969, then 1968) Bensonhurst, NY
Age 52

Who is Jason Morgan from General Hospital married to in real life?

Sheree Gustin
Actor Steve Burton has endured years and years of romantic drama in his roles as Jason Morgan on GENERAL HOSPITAL and Dylan McAvoy on CBS sudser THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS, but one thing’s for sure — in real life, he’s found his happily ever after in his beautiful wife, Sheree Gustin!

Who played Mary may Who?

Rosalind Cash
The role of Mary Mae Ward was originated by Rosalind Cash (1938–1995) in 1994, who played her as a proud matriarch character who had triumphed over racism and tragedy.

How is Molly Sonny’s niece on GH?

No they are NOT cousins – they are not related to each other at all!! Molly is related to Sonny because her father Ric and Sonny are HALF brothers – same mother, different fathers.

Who is Sam’s father on General Hospital?

Julian Jerome
Sam McCall/Father
Character Biography Sam McCall is the daughter of Alexis Davis and Julian Jerome. A private investigator by trade, she is also known for her adventurous spirit. Sam is the mother of two children: Danny Morgan and Emily “Scout” Cain.

Are Kelly Monaco and Billy Miller still friends?

Ever since Monaco broke up with Gonzalez, she has dealt with rumors of her dating various men. One of which is Billy Miller, her former co-star on General Hospital. However, Monaco and Miller have maintained they are just friends.

Who is Damian Spinelli in General Hospital Night Shift?

Spinelli was also one of the characters in the first season of General Hospital: Night Shift, which premiered on July 12, 2007. On May 6, 2014, it was announced that Bradford Anderson would be returning to play Spinelli.

Who is the actor who plays Damian on General Hospital?

Damian Spinelli. Jump to navigation Jump to search. Damian “Spinelli” Millhouse Spinelli, is a fictional character on the ABC daytime drama, General Hospital, played by actor Bradford Anderson from November 13, 2006 to December 16, 2013.

Who was the Kid on General Hospital that was a cross between Sean Penn and Seth Green?

In September 2006, General Hospital put out a casting call for a “college-aged kid” who was a cross between Seth Green and Spicoli, a character played by Sean Penn in Fast Times at Ridgemont High. The part was won by Anderson, who says he tries to emulate Spicoli’s speaking style when playing the character.