Who is the rapper in the Barclaycard advert?

Who is the rapper in the Barclaycard advert?

Find the latest Barclaycard advert music for 2021. Discover the songs, artists and music used in the Barclaycard TV commercials and online adverts. Barclaycard have launched a new TV advert featuring British rapper from Croydon, Nadia Rose.

Who is Guy in Barclaycard waterslides advert?

DAAN!”) from I’m Alan Partridge. “Lynn, these are sex people!” The chap on the waterslides is Stacey’s brother and Bryn’s ‘love interest’ from Gavin and Stacey – his name escapes me! Oh so he was in Green Wing?

Which is your favourite, of the Barclaycard adverts?

Also, which is your favourite, of the Barclaycard adverts? I liked the Miami one, about identity fraud (wait a minute, he’s not uncle (whatever his name was in the ad)!), or the one where someones tied to a bed and their running off into the sunset ‘hellppp’ or the current one with the guy going down the flume, thats quite a fun one too…

What’s the message in the Barclays happy place ad?

While the woman is clearly a super fan, her long-suffering partner consoles himself with the fact that he saved on the tickets with Barclaycard. He allows his mind to wander off to his alternative ‘happy place’ enjoying all of the sights and sounds of a classic music festival. In the second film the reverse situation plays out.

Who are the actors in the Barclaycard adverts?

He’s probably most recognised from ‘Green Wing’. He’s one of those faces that people see a lot on TV, especially comedy, but maybe can’t always put a name to the face, in much the same way as Kevin Eldon and Mark Heap. They’re both from ‘Green Wing’. Stephen Mangan is too as well as Julian Rhind-Tutt, and is probably the more recognisable one.

Do you have to tell us you are taking Barclaycard on holiday?

And just so you know – you don’t have to tell us you’re taking your card on holiday. Here’s what you get: With Barclaycard, you just pay one single non-sterling purchase fee of 2.99%* – every time you buy something overseas.

Who is the guy in the Barclaycard flume?

Not the fella in the flume in the latest one if that’s what you mean; the Green Wing fellas were in the road trip series of ads before that. Stephen Mangan, dark curly haired one. He’s been in quite a few things over the last few years now. He’s probably most recognised from ‘Green Wing’.

How old do you have to be to use the Barclaycard app?

Download the Barclaycard app on the App Store or Google Play Terms, conditions and restrictions apply. You must have a Barclaycard account and be aged 18 or over to use the Barclaycard app.