Who did Jonas Salk work with?

Who did Jonas Salk work with?

microbiologist Thomas Francis, Jr.
There in 1938 he began working with microbiologist Thomas Francis, Jr., who was looking for an influenza vaccine. They developed one that was used in the armed forces during World War II. In 1947 Salk became the head of the Virus Research Lab at the University of Pittsburgh.

Where was Dr Jonas Salk?

New York City
He was born in New York City and attended the City College of New York and New York University School of Medicine. In 1947, Salk accepted a professorship in the School of Medicine at the University of Pittsburgh….

Jonas Salk
Alma mater City College of New York New York University
Known for First polio vaccine

Where did Jonas Salk live most of his life?

Early Life Born in New York City on October 28, 1914, Jonas Salk was one of the leading scientists of the twentieth century and the creator of the first polio vaccine. He grew up poor in New York City, where his father worked in the garment district.

What did Robert Salk do for a living?

Beginning in the mid-1980s, Salk also engaged in research to develop a vaccine for another, more recent plague, AIDS. To further this research, he cofounded the Immune Response Corporation (Also known as the IRC) with Kevin Kimberlin, to search for a vaccine, and patented Remune, an immune-based therapy.

What did Jonas Salk do for the March of Dimes?

Salk challenged prevailing scientific orthodoxy in his vaccine development. Elvis Presley makes an appearance in support of the March of Dimes, 1950s.

Who was Peter Salk married to before Pablo Picasso?

Salk was married to social worker Donna Lindsay from 1939 to 1968. The couple had three sons together: Peter, Darrell and Jonathan. In 1970, he married artist Francoise Gilot, who had previously been romantically involved with Pablo Picasso.

What is Jonas Salk’s major contribution?

Turning the stage over to Jacobs, she added that “Jonas Salk made some of the most major contributions to medicine, not only with his polio vaccine , but with his co-developed, first effective influenza vaccine and was working on an AIDS vaccine when he died.”

What college did Jonas Salk graduate from?

In 1934 he enrolled in the College of Medicine of New York University, from which he graduated in 1939. Salk worked at New York’s Mount Sinai Hospital from 1940 to 1942, when he went to the University of Michigan.

Did Jonas Salk get married?

Jonas Salk got married to Donna Lindsay right after he became an MD in the year 1939. The couple had 3 children, all boys named Peter Salk, Darrell Salk, and Jonathon Salk. They got a divorce in the 39th year of their marriage in 1968.

What was Jonas Salks accomplishments in life?

Fast Facts: Jonas Salk Occupation: Medical researcher and physician Known For: Developed first successful polio vaccine Born: October 28, 1914 in New York City, New York Died: June 23, 1995 in La Jolla, California Education: City College of New York, B.S., 1934; New York University, M.D., 1939