Which type of stent is best?

Which type of stent is best?

Today, new and improved versions of drug-eluting stents are considered safe and effective in most instances, when used with anti-clotting medication as prescribed. In general, drug-eluting stents are less likely to cause restenosis than are bare-metal stents.

What is the most heart stent?

Emil Lohen (USA) has had from 8 August 2000 – 30 March 2006 a total of 34 coronary stents implanted. A stent is a small metal mesh tube device placed in an artery. that was 14 years ago, what is the record now? My friend has got as of today 37 stents all in his heart.

What do you need to know about heart stents?

Slide 1 of 10: Heart stents have been quite popular, and they may be a lifesaving treatment in preventing heart damage during and after a heart attack. The procedure opens arteries and relieves blockage that’s causing pain.

Why is Janet so sick from her stent?

The doctor gave Janet a good physical examination, and she reckons that the sickness is being caused by a possible blockage in the stent, perhaps through tumour, or swelling around it, or maybe even a malfunction of the stent itself.

How are drug eluting stents different from bare metal stents?

About a quarter of all coronary arteries treated with bare-metal stents would close up again, usually in about 6 months. So doctors and companies began testing stents coated with drugs that interrupted the re-narrowing. These are called drug-eluting stents. In clinical trials, these reduced re-narrowing cases to less than 10%.

How long is person expected to live after a stent is?

Answer: How long a patient is expected to live after getting a coronary stent inserted depends. It depends primarily on the underlying heart disease, age, and medical condition of the patient.

How is my husband doing after heart stents?

He has arthritis of the feet so can not walk far or fast but loves gardening. Stents were fitted a couple of weeks ago and he is champing at the but to mow the lawn, weed etc. He is not impressed with my efforts! Find he tries to do too much the feels exhausted and had soreness in the chest.

How often should a person have a stent fitted?

Rehab is deffinately what he should do even if he can’t finish the course. I had one stent fitted in January, after unstable angina. I am fit, in the gym at least twice a week. The biggest problem is the initial acceptance that you have a heart problem and how lucky you have been.

What are the different types of heart stents?

These types are called heart stents, but they’re also referred to as cardiac stents or coronary stents. Usually made of metal mesh, they’re put into arteries in a procedure called a percutaneous coronary intervention or, its more common name, angioplasty.

Are there any second generation stents in the US?

These stents – which are generally referred to as “second generation DES”—are now in widespread use around the world. DES (developed and manufactured in the US) have been available in Europe for several years that employ a polymer coating that is absorbed (disappears) within several months, leaving a bare-metal stent.