Which continent has the longest life expectancy?

Which continent has the longest life expectancy?

Average life expectancy at birth in 2020, by continent and gender (in years)

Characteristic Males Females
Northern America 77 81
Oceania 77 81
Europe 75 82
Latin America and the Caribbean 72 79

Which country has the highest life expectancy?

Hong Kong
Countries ranked by life expectancy

# Country Life Expectancy (both sexes)
1 Hong Kong 85.29
2 Japan 85.03
3 Macao 84.68
4 Switzerland 84.25

Which country in Africa has the highest life expectancy?

Algeria had the highest life expectancy at birth in Africa as of 2019. A newborn infant was expected to live 78 years in the country. Lybia, Morocco, Tunisia, and Mauritius followed, with a life expectancy of 76 years.

Which country in Africa is the most educated?

Equatorial Guinea is the most educated country in Africa. With a population of 1,402,983, Equatorial Guinea has a literacy rate of 95.30%.

Which is the country with the highest life expectancy?

As of 2017, the countries with the highest life expectancy were Hong Kong (85 years) and Japan (84 years). The following countries are mostly from Western Europe, but also from other industrialized parts of the world.

Are there any countries in the world that live longer than 80 years?

It is said that a desire for a long life is a universal component of human nature. Nonetheless, some parts of the world see this desire fulfilled far more often than others. In fact, only a handful of countries have life expectancies greater than 80 years.

Why do some countries have lower life expectancy than others?

The figures reflect the quality of healthcare in the countries listed as well as other factors including ongoing wars, obesity, and HIVinfections. From the beginning of the current century there is a tendency to also estimate Healthy life expectancy(HALE) — the average number of years that a person can expect to live in “full health”.

What’s the life expectancy of a country in Africa?

Mauritius has a life expectancy of 74.6 years, ranking third in terms of life expectancy in Africa. The island nation of Mauritius is located in the Indian Ocean. In 2015, the nation’s total population was 1,273,000. 4.8% of the country’s total GDP was spent on healthcare in 2014.

What countries have the longest lifespan?

In fact, only a handful of countries have life expectancies greater than 80 years. At the helm of the countries the longest life expectancy is Japan, followed by Switzerland and Spain, who all have average life expectancies of greater than 80 years.

What is the average life span of a country?

The United Nations estimate a global average life expectancy of 72.6 years for 2019 – the global average today is higher than in any country back in 1950. According to the UN estimates the country with the best health in 1950 was Norway with a life expectancy of 72.3 years.

What country in Europe has the longest life expentancy?

Switzerland is ranked Europe’s highest by life expectancy with 83.4 years and 2 nd highest in the World. The average life expectancy of the women longer than men in the world except for Mali and Swaziland.

What is the highest life expectancy in the world?

According to the CIA, Japan has the world’s highest life expectancy, at 87 years. Spain came second at 85.8 years. But the UK is still higher than America, where female average life expectancy is 81.3 years.