Where did Mussorgsky die?

Where did Mussorgsky die?

Saint Petersburg, Russia
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Was Modest Mussorgsky self taught?

Mussorgsky was mainly self-taught in his style and artistry and worked on a number of operatic works like Salammbo, but he never finished them, as he lost interest midway through the compositions.

Did Modest Mussorgsky get married?

Modest Mussorgsky remained a bachelor all his life. He took to drinking while he was studying at the Cadet School in his early teens. But it was in 1865, on the death of his mother, that he suffered his first bout of alcoholism. But when he too got married, Mussorgsky’s life became dominated by alcohol.

What did Modest Mussorgsky do?

Modest Petrovitch Mussorgsky (born Karevo, Pskov district, 21 March 1839; died St Petersburg, 28 March 1881) was a Russian composer. Mussorgsky is famous for his operas and songs. He discovered new ways of writing for the voice which were very tuneful but which also suited the Russian language.

Did Mussorgsky spent five years in the Army?

Mussorgsky spent five years in the army. Much of Mussorgsky’s music was published after his death.

Was Mussorgsky an alcoholic?

By now Mussorgsky was physically and mentally wracked by alcohol abuse. However, the ailing composer spent part of 1879-80 on tour accompanying an old contralto friend, Darya Leonova, and there were even signs that he was trying to conquer his alcoholism – but sadly it was a case of too little, too late.

What year did Mussorgsky die?

March 28, 1881
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What are Mussorgsky’s two most well known works?

During this period he composed some of his best known works, including the Pavane for a Dead Princess, the Sonatine for piano, and the String Quartet.

Who was Mussorgsky inspired by?

At that time Mussorgsky was haunted by the spectre of death—he himself had only seven more years to live. The death of another friend, the painter Victor Hartmann, inspired Mussorgsky to write the piano suite Kartinki s vystavki (Pictures from an Exhibition; orchestrated in 1922 by the French composer Maurice Ravel).

What nationality was Mussorgsky?

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MUSSORGSKY, MODEST (1839–1881), Russian composer. Modest Petrovich Mussorgsky was born in Karevo, Russia.

What did Modest Mussorgsky do before he died?

Before he died, alcoholism had completely taken over every inch of Mussorgsky’s life. He did, however, manage to start working on two operas Khovanshchina and Sorochintsï Fair. In spite of his friends trying to support him, he was not able to complete the two operas when he died in 1881 in St. Petersburg.

Where did Modest Mussorgsky go to music school?

Mussorgsky continued his music studies while attending the Cadet School of the Imperial Guards. He graduated from the school in 1856 and was posted to the Imperial Guards Regiment in St. Petersburg. In 1857, through his fellow officer Ceasar Cui, Mussorgsky met composers Alexander Dargomyzsky and Mili Balakirew.

Where was Modest Petrovich Mussorgsky born and raised?

Modest Petrovich Mussorgsky was born on March 21, 1839, in his ancestral estate of Karevo, Pskov province, Russia. He was the 30th generation from Rurik the Great, the first King of ancient Kiev Rus. Mussorgsky’s family were wealthy landowners and belonged to Russian landed gentry.

How did the Mussorgsky brothers get their name?

The aristocratic Mussorgsky brothers—Filaret (also known as “Yevgeniy”, left), and Modest (right), 1858. The spelling and pronunciation of the composer’s name has caused some confusion.

How old was Modest Mussorgsky when he died?

He died at age 42, a tragic loss for music. Modest Mussorgsky’s music is uniquely Russian. But it’s the Russia of wretched peasants, folk tunes, and unearthly legends. He wanted his music to express the “Russian soul”, and be written in a Russian style.

Why did Modest Mussorgsky write in Russian style?

He wanted his music to express the “Russian soul”, and be written in a Russian style. So his music is appropriately raw and crude-sounding, influenced by peasant dances and bleak winters. Still, its beauty and genius is impossible to deny.

Why did Mussorgsky fail to keep up with his family legacy?

Mussorgsky failed to keep up with his family legacy and because he was constantly drunk, he also struggled to make ends meet. His financial situation became so dire that it is said that Mussorgsky would often borrow money from his friends to fund his drinking escapades.