Whats does DPS mean?

Whats does DPS mean?

In online gaming, DPS means “Damage per Second.” It is a measurement of damage that can be done by a weapon, spell, other equipment, player or group of players. It is used as a metric in some games to allow a determination of offensive power.

What does DPS mean in work?

The meaning of DPS abbreviation is `Director of Personal Services` in Job.

What is DPS healthcare?

DPS. Descending Perineum Syndrome. Health, Healthcare, Surgery.

What does DPS stand for in social work?

DPS Assisting Child Protective Services In Welfare Checks.

Why is DPS important?

If you check out wikis of all the different weapons in Fortnite, you’ll notice there are a number of stats that can make it easier to figure out which weapons you should use in certain scenarios. The DPS stat is essentially a calculation of how much damage that weapon can do per second.

What is DPS in bank?

DPS is an installment based savings deposit (on monthly basis) for individual customer. In this account a customer deposit a certain amount of money for a certain period. And on maturity an agreed amount will be paid to the customer.

What DPS means in Genshin impact?

Typically, the combat roles in Genshin Impact are either DPS (characters meant for dealing damage quickly), Support (characters who can heal or buff the party), and a hybrid of the two (characters who deal damage while triggering Elemental Reactions).

What is DPS in ML?

Dps : Damage per second (DPS or dps) is a measure of the average damage dealt by a person or group every one second.

What does DPS mean in school?


Acronym Definition
DPS Detroit Public Schools
DPS Delhi Public School (India)
DPS Durham Public Schools
DPS Department of Public Service (various locations)

What does DPS mean in Genshin impact?

By Sid Natividad Updated Jun 16, 2021. Players looking for options to deal serious damage per second in Genshin Impact will want to choose these characters.

What is DPS security?

Department for Protection and Security.

Is DPS or damage better?

Simples. DPS is a metric of how effective your weapon actually is at dealing damage, rather than assuming a weapon is most effective because it has the highest damage per shot.

What is the meaning of the word DPS?

It’s used both as a noun (a weapon type, class, or a character capable of massive damage) and as an adjective to describe a weapon’s capability. I like playing as DPS the most. If gaming in general is a power fantasy, a strong DPS build is the wet dream.

What does DPS stand for in gaming category?

What does DPS stand for? Rank Abbr. Meaning DPS Damage Per Second (gaming) DPS Department of Public Safety DPS Denver Public Schools (Colorado) DPS Detroit Public Schools

What does damage per second DPS stand for?

Department of Public Safety. DPS. Damage Per Second (gaming) DPS. Denver Public Schools (Colorado) DPS. Detroit Public Schools.

What did DPS stand for in the 1930s?

DPS structured the management course around the most commonly accepted programs of instruction and designed a three-phase course centered on these areas. In the late 1930s, DPS Highway Patrolmen were issued the S&W Model 10 Military & Police in .38 Special.