What will happen if striated muscles contract?

What will happen if striated muscles contract?

Function. The main function of striated muscle tissue is to create force and contract. These contractions will either pump blood throughout the body (cardiac muscle) or power breathing, movement or posture (skeletal muscle).

What will happen if striated muscles contract rapidly for long duration?

Explanation: The striated muscles have fibers which are arranged in parallel order. This muscle is attached to skeleton through tendon which helps in voluntary actions. The rapid contraction reduces the force generating capacity of the muscles which in turn causes cramps and tiredness.

What will happen if a ligament gets overstretched B striated muscles contract rapidly for longer duration?

(a) Overstretching of ligament results in sprain. (b) Absence of heparin in blood result in coagulation of blood inside the blood vessels. (c) When striated muscles contract rapidly for longer duration, they get fatigued due to accumulation of lactic acid in them.

What will happen if 3 a ligament gets overstretched?

Ligaments are strong band of fibers of connective tissues that connect bones, cartilages and hold joints of the body. Overstretching in them can cause the ligaments to have small tears in its fibers, twist or tear apart completely. This may result in severe pain in the affected part accompanied by swelling.

What will happen if ligament gets overstretched?

When a ligament is overstretched or torn, it results in what’s technically known as a sprain. For example, a misstep can cause you to twist your ankle in an awkward position, snapping a ligament and causing your ankle to be unstable or wobbly. You might hear a pop or feel a tear when the injury occurs.

What will happen if ligament are over stretched?

That hyperextension overstretches the ligament. Symptoms of a sprained ligament generally include pain, swelling, and bruising in the affected area. The joint may feel loose or weak and may not be able to bear weight.

What will happen if 1 ligament gets overstretched?

Ligaments are strong elastic bands of tissue that joins the bones. If ligaments get overstretched it may result in a sprain. Sprains are often recognized as localized swelling or pain.

What happens to the muscles in the striated area?

When the muscle contracts, it pulls the tendon, causing a flex, and when the muscle relaxes, an extension occurs. Striated muscles usually work in pairs, with one relaxing and one contracting, to keep movements smooth and even. Is Amazon actually giving you the best price?

What causes a muscle to have a striped appearance?

Each sarcomere is composed of distinct bands of different material which give the muscle a striped or striated appearance when it is viewed at a high level of magnification. These muscles move when various bands within the sarcomeres contract or relax, causing the muscle as a whole to shorten or extend.

How are cardiac muscles different from skeletal muscles?

The skeletal muscles are voluntary muscles which allow for the movement of bones and joints, while cardiac muscles are involuntary, and found only in the heart. The cardiac muscle also has a slightly different appearance from skeletal muscle, although both share the striated trait characteristic of muscle tissue which contains sarcomeres.