What was the location of Brocket Hall in 1700?

What was the location of Brocket Hall in 1700?

In 1700 the Brocket estate was described thus: ‘Brocket Hall was the ancient seat of the Brockets situated upon a dry hill in a fair park, well wooded and greatly timber’d enclosed with a brick wall on the west side of the road for the length of a mile and plentifully watered with the River Lea’ (Chauncy 1700).

When did Brocket Hall become a maternity home?

Brocket Hall as a maternity home in 1942. In 1893, The 1st Baron Mount Stephen, President of the Bank of Montreal and the first Canadian to be elevated to the Peerage of the United Kingdom, leased Brocket Hall from the 7th Earl for the remainder of his lifetime.

Where is Brocket Hall in Hatfield, Hertfordshire?

Brocket Hall. Brocket Hall is a Grade I-listed classical country house set in a large park at the northern end of the urban area of Hatfield in Hertfordshire, England.

When was Brocket Hall in Wheathampstead remodelled?

A mid C18 landscape park remodelled by Richard Woods, c 1770, surrounding an C18 country house.

Where is the village hall in Lemsford Hatfield?

Adjacent to the pretty church of St. John’s, it accommodates many local activities including Yoga and Scottish Dancing as well as Wedding Receptions and Birthday Parties. It has a slightly old fashioned feel with a woodblock floor and provides an attractive, ideal location for memorable occasions.

How did Brocket Hall golf course get its name?

Charles Nall-Cain inherited Brocket Hall and the title from his Grandfather, Ronald. His father had died in 1961. Charles was only 15 and still at Eton when he inherited the Estate. The first golf course was built on the Estate, named after the 2nd Lord Melbourne.

Who was the 2nd Lord Melbourne of Brocket Hall?

Upon the death of his father, William inherited his title, becoming the 2nd Lord Melbourne. His wife was the infamous Lady Caroline Lamb, who had a tumultuous affair with Lord Byron. Lord Melbourne became Prime Minister. Princess Victoria was a frequent visitor to Brocket Hall, it is said that Melbourne thought of her as a daughter.

How old was Matthew Lamb when he inherited Brocket Hall?

The new Hall took 15 years to complete but Sir Matthew Lamb never lived to see it. His son, Sir Peniston Lamb inherited Brocket Hall at the age of 21. He married a remarkable lady called Elizabeth Millbank, who was clever, politically aware and wise.