What was the cause of death for James Holmes?

What was the cause of death for James Holmes?

During the last few months of his life, Holmes stayed in the VA hospital in Los Angeles. Holmes died from AIDS-related complications on March 13, 1988. Before his death, in 1985, he won the X-Rated Critics Organizations Hall of Fame award.

When did John C Holmes confess to the murders?

John C. Holmes, the world’s premier pornographic film star, sobbed as he sat in a steaming bathtub early one morning in July, 1981. Haltingly, Holmes confessed to his wife that he had played a central role in four brutal murders earlier that month in a drug dealers’ hillside home in Laurel Canyon.

How many movies did John C Holmes appear in?

Holmes made about 2,000 full-length hardcore films and videos, including a 3-D thriller and a film about his life story – Exhausted: John C. Holmes, the Real Story (1981). Appeared in 2,274 pornographic films, more than anyone else.

When did Sherlock Holmes Die and what year?

Near the end of his life, Holmes attained notoriety for his reputed involvement in the Wonderland murders of July 1981 and eventually for his death from complications caused by AIDS in March 1988.

What was H H Holmes real name?

Herman Webster Mudgett (May 16, 1861 – May 7, 1896), better known as Dr. Henry Howard Holmes or, more commonly, as H. H. Holmes, was an American serial killer.

How did H H Holmes get caught?

Full confession of H. H. Holmes. Holmes was finally caught by the police on November 17, 1894, in Philadelphia and was convicted of insurance fraud, but after the police had investigated the “Castle”, it was clear that the case was way more than just an insurance fraud.

How many wives did H H Holmes have?

At one point in his life, H.H. Holmes was married to three women at one time. He even killed one of his unlucky brides. His actions show his feeling on women and their interchangeability.

Where is H H Holmes grave?

In the spring, scientists at the University of Pennsylvania, with the backing of the Mudgett family and the History Channel, dug up the grave of H.H. Holmes. His final resting place is at Holy Cross Cemetery, just outside Philadelphia.