What part of the body does the back of the brain control?

What part of the body does the back of the brain control?

The parietal lobe is also involved in interpreting pain and touch in the body. The parietal lobe houses Wernicke’s area, which helps the brain understand spoken language. Occipital lobe. The occipital lobe is the back part of the brain that is involved with vision.

Is the back of the brain important?

The Cerebellum: Back of the Brain The cerebellum is primarily a movement control center, responsible for: Voluntary muscle movements. Fine motor skills. Maintaining balance, posture & equilibrium.

What does the right backside of your brain control?

Right hemisphere brain damage, or RHD, is damage to the right side of the brain. Our brains have two sides, or hemispheres. In most people, language skills are in the left side of the brain. The right side controls attention, memory, reasoning, and problem solving.

What does the back part of the brain do?

Back-brain and front-brain. In simple terms, the back part of the cortex takes raw information from the senses and processes it into sight, sound and physical sensation. This gives us perceptual awareness — the ability to experience the world directly, to have real-time concrete images, feelings, names, facts, data and other practical details.

What does the right side of the brain control?

The right side of the brain also controls muscle movements on the left side of the body. A head injury that affects the right side of the brain may lead to specific symptoms. Damage to the right hemisphere may lead to communication and cognition issues.

Which is part of the brain controls balance?

Besides controlling balance and posture, it’s also responsible for monitoring voluntary movement, eye movement, and speech control. The processing of sound happens in the temporal lobes which are a part of the cerebrum. The audio stimuli come through the ear and go directly into the primary auditory cortex located in the temporal lobes.

Which is part of the brain controls vision?

The occipital lobe controls vision. It is located at the very back part of the brain and affects how humans judge everything visual, from how something moves to how colors register. Two signs that something is wrong in this area of the brain are if the person experiences hallucinations or perceives colors differently.

The right side of the brain controls many of the body’s thought and actions. It focuses around judging the position of things in space, knowing body position, understanding and remembering things we do and see, putting bits of information together to make an entire picture, and it controls the left side of the body.

What is the function of the left side of the brain?

While the right side controls intuition and feelings, the left side of the brain is responsible for logical thinking. It is where the ability to analyze concepts, ideas, and facts often comes from. Through the left brain, individuals learn to communicate, do math problems, remember details and events,…

What part of the brain controls reasoning?

The frontal lobe is at the front of the brain directly behind the forehead and is primarily responsible for reasoning, decision making, and some aspects of long-term memory. It is also very important for moderating and controlling motor function by synthesizing information coming from other parts of the brain.

What are the side effects of brain damage?

The brain is the control center of the body, and damage can lead to many problems. Most commonly, the effects of brain damage include difficulty with walking, talking, remembering things, and cognition or processing. Temporary effects of brain damage can be the result of head injury, oxygen deprivation, or mini-strokes.