What organs does the thorax protect?

What organs does the thorax protect?

The heart and the lungs reside in the thoracic cavity, as well as many blood vessels. The inner organs are protected by the rib cage and the sternum. Thoracic vertebrae are also distinguished in birds, but not in reptiles.

Does the thorax protect the heart?

The thoracic cage protects the heart and lungs. It is composed of 12 pairs of ribs with their costal cartilages and the sternum. The ribs are anchored posteriorly to the 12 thoracic vertebrae.

What is the thoracic protected by?

rib cage
The thoracic cavity (or chest cavity) is the chamber of the body of vertebrates that is protected by the thoracic wall (rib cage and associated skin, muscle, and fascia). The central compartment of the thoracic cavity is the mediastinum.

Where is thorax found in the body?

The thorax is the region between the abdomen inferiorly and the root of the neck superiorly. [1][2] It forms from the thoracic wall, its superficial structures (breast, muscles, and skin) and the thoracic cavity.

What does thorax mean in medical terms?

Thorax: The area of the body that is located between the abdomen and the neck. Within the thorax are the lungs, the heart, and the first section of the aorta. Also known as chest.

Where is your thorax located in humans?

Where is the thorax in the human body?

In vertebrates (fishes, amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammals), the thorax is the chest, with the chest being that part of the body between the neck and the abdomen.

Which is the most important organ in the thorax?

As you’ve seen above, the thorax contains more than thoracic arteries, nerves, and lymphatics. It also contains vital organs and structures, such as the heart, lungs, thymus, trachea, and esophagus. One of the most important organs situated in the thorax is the heart.

Where does the rib cage and thoracic spine meet?

It runs from the base of the brain down through the bony vertebral canal of the cervical spine and thoracic spine before branching into smaller nerve bundles in the lumbar spine. Anchor the rib cage. The rib cage, supported by the thoracic spine in the back, forms a bony structure to surround and protect vital organs, such as the heart and lungs.

Which is the most important part of the thoracic wall?

This consists of the intercostal vein, artery, and nerve. Apart from the intercostals and diaphragm, which are the most important thoracic muscles responsible for breathing, there are additional ones that are involved in forming the thoracic wall.

Is the inferior thorax covered by the diaphragm?

The inferior thoracic aperture is almost completely covered by the diaphragm, separating it from the abdominal cavity. Moving forward with the skeletal scaffold of the thorax, we have the thoracic skeleton.