What organ is on your left side under your rib cage?

What organ is on your left side under your rib cage?

Your spleen is an organ located just below your left rib cage. Many conditions — including infections, liver disease and some cancers — can cause an enlarged spleen, also known as splenomegaly (spleh-no-MEG-uh-lee). An enlarged spleen usually doesn’t cause symptoms. It’s often discovered during a routine physical exam.

What does it mean when your left side under your chest hurts?

Left-sided chest pain can be due to a heart attack or other life-threatening condition for which every minute matters. Call your local emergency services if you or someone near you has unexplained left-sided or center chest pain along with: feeling of pressure or tightening of the chest.

Why does my left rib cage hurt after eating?

Pain under left rib after eating – This pain is an indication that your body is having problems digesting the food you have just eaten. You should always eat slowly. Dull pain under the left rib cage – This type of pain is usually caused by having a stomach ulcer. A stomach ulcer can be very painful and it usually occurs after eating.

What causes pain on the left side of the chest?

Costochondritis is an infection of the breastbone that can cause chest pain on the left side of the body. In this case, the pain is a sharp and aching pressure. This pain worsens with deep breaths and coughs. The pain can often be felt on the left side of the breastbone, but it may spread to the rib area as well.

What does it mean when your heart is under your left rib?

While your heart is under your left rib cage, feeling pain in that area usually doesn’t indicate a heart attack. Depending on the cause, it might feel sharp and stabbing, or dull and aching.

How to know if you have costochondritis in your rib cage?

Some other symptoms of costochondritis include: 3 1 Pain and soreness when touching or pressing on the breastbone 2 Localized pain to the front of the rib cage 3 Pain that spreads from your middle chest area to your back or abdomen 4 Increased sensation of pain when breathing or exercising

What causes pain in left side of rib?

Heartburn or acid reflux – This is a common cause of pain in the left side of the ribs. This may be triggered as a result because of over-consumption of acidic foods or drinks that generally cause heartburn.

What causes pain just below the rib cage?

Common causes of pain under the right rib cage are gallstones or gallbladder infection, kidney stones, liver disease, appendicitis, or gas. Pains in your chest could be connected with pneumonia, injury to a rib or chest muscle, or inflammation in your breastbone.

Why does my lower left rib hurt?

Lower left rib pain is often the result of sports injury, but can also occur due to an underlying medical problem. Lifting a small bucket of water, a short morning walk and even deep breathing may cause lower rib pain, depending upon how severe the underlying cause is.

What is under ribs on left side?

The primary organ under your ribs on the left side is your spleen. There is also plenty of connective tissue, but the spleen is the primary organ in that location. The spleen serves as a storage vessel for blood cells and participates in clearance of cells that have become defective after aging.