What means ill-defined?

What means ill-defined?

adjective. If you describe something as ill-defined, you mean that its exact nature or extent is not as clear as it should be or could be. staff with ill-defined responsibilities. Synonyms: unclear, vague, indistinct, blurred More Synonyms of ill-defined.

What is an ill-defined tumor?

In many cases the margin is ill-defined (figure). These tumors often thin the cortex and may expand into the soft tissues surrounding the bone. Most commonly seen in age 20-40 years. In the age group > 40 years, metastasis and plasmacytoma have to be included in the differential diagnosis.

What is well-defined margin?

Well-defined and rough margins were defined as relatively clear but rough interfaces between tumor and non-tumor regions, while indistinct margins were defined as unclear interfaces between the above two regions (Figs.

Are Lobulated masses cancer?

Probably benign masses: BI-RADS 3. In mammography, they are well-circumscribed, round, oval or lobulated masses and are not calcified or liquid in sonography. The vast majority of these masses correspond to benign lesions such as a fibroadenoma or cyst with thick contents.

What are ill-defined problems?

The ill-defined problems are those that do not have clear goals, solution paths, or expected solution. The well-defined problems have specific goals, clearly defined solution paths, and clear expected solutions. Problem-solving is the subject of a major portion of research and publishing in mathematics education.

What is the meaning of well-defined?

1 : having clearly distinguishable limits, boundaries, or features a well-defined scar. 2 : clearly stated or described well-defined policies.

Can a benign breast tumor have irregular borders?

Many benign breast diseases present with irregular hypoechoic masses that can mimic carcinoma on ultrasonography. Some of these diseases such as inflammation and trauma-related breast lesions could be suspected from a patient’s symptoms and personal history.

What is the meaning of well defined?

What is a well defined nodule?

A solitary pulmonary nodule or “spot on the lung” is defined as a discrete, well-defined, rounded opacity less than or equal to 3 cm (1.5 inches) in diameter that is completely surrounded by lung tissue, does not touch the root of the lung or mediastinum, and is not associated with enlarged lymph nodes, collapsed lung.

What is the dictionary definition of ill defined?

“Ill-defined.” Merriam-Webster.com Dictionary, Merriam-Webster, https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/ill-defined. Accessed 15 Apr. 2020. What made you want to look up ill-defined? Please tell us where you read or heard it (including the quote, if possible). Capricious is derived in part from the Italian word for hedgehog.

Is the term ” natural born citizen ” ill defined?

“Natural-born citizen” is an ill-defined term that has not been used in a statute since 1790. In the distance behind Gommecourt there is some ill-defined rising ground forming gullies and ravines. I doubt if Kirby even glanced toward me, although if he did he saw only an ill-defined figure, with no glimpse of my face.

What is the meaning of the word ill-mannered?

G was a gamester, who had but ill-luck; H was a Hunter, who hunted a buck. “It is ill-fated;” and Alessandro blamed himself for having forgotten her only association with the name. The Marshals were inclined to attribute their disgrace to the ill-will of Berthier and not to the temper of Napoleon.

Which is an ill advised synonym for the word ill?

And for fear of being ill spoken of weep bitterly for a day, and then comfort thyself in thy sadness. G was a gamester, who had but ill-luck; H was a Hunter, who hunted a buck. “It is ill-fated;” and Alessandro blamed himself for having forgotten her only association with the name.