What kind of oil does a Hypericum have?

What kind of oil does a Hypericum have?

Characteristics. The leaves of various species of Hypericum are sprinkled with pellucid dots and black glands which contain an essential oil.

How is Hypericum used to treat bleeding piles?

40) considers Hypericum externally and internally the nearest thing to a specific in bleeding piles. He gives it to pneumonia patients who have piles, it cures the pneumonia and prevents the arrest of the flux, always a dangerous symptom in these cases.

What does the word Hypericum mean in English?

The word Hypericum means “sub-heather”, indicating its manifest relation to the heaths, which at once leads us to think of Ledum. The proving of Hyp. by Müller and others is very complete and brings out the relation of the drug to wounds and their consequences and also its applicability in maladies of other kinds.

What kind of wounds can Hypericum be used for?

Sensation as if a worm were moving in the throat. Wounds: Punctured, incised or lacerated wounds, sore, painful. Especially if of long duration. Traumatic conditions: Hypericum is best suited for treating wounds of parts rich in nerve supply like, fingers, toes, nails, coccyx, palms and soles.

What are the benefits of applying Hypericum perforatum?

Great nervous depression and loss of blood from lacerated wounds. Punctured, incised or lacerated wounds, which are very sore and painful. Injuries from nails, rat bites, needles, with great pain as from splinters. It may also be applied locally as a lotion, 1:20 parts in water.

Where did the name Hypericum perforatum come from?

It is one of the pre-eminent surgical remedies that the homeopaths boast of. The name Hypericum is derived from ‘hyper’ meaning above and ‘eicon’ meaning image, as the superior part of the flower represents a figure. Habit and Habitat: It is indigenous to Europe, northern Africa and some parts of Asia. It has become naturalised in North America.