What is another name of rabies?

What is another name of rabies?

Rabies. In some areas known as “mad dog disease” because the transmission of the disease is frequently associated with bites by infected dogs. Hydrophobia is the commonest name and relates to the major symptom.

What is medical name for rabies?

Medical Definition of rabies Rabies is caused by a rhabdovirus (species Rabies virus of the genus Lyssavirus). — called also hydrophobia.

What is the name of the disease that is caused by the rabies virus?

Rabies infection is caused by the rabies virus. The virus is spread through the saliva of infected animals. Infected animals can spread the virus by biting another animal or a person. In rare cases, rabies can be spread when infected saliva gets into an open wound or the mucous membranes, such as the mouth or eyes.

What is rabies disease Class 9?

Rabies is a zoonotic disease caused by the infection of Rabies Lyssavirus (shortly known as the Rabies virus), of the Lyssavirus genus within the Rhabdoviridae family.

What can rabies do to a person?

The rabies virus attacks the central nervous system of the host, and in humans, it can cause a range of debilitating symptoms — including states of anxiety and confusion, partial paralysis, agitation, hallucinations, and, in its final phases, a symptom called “hydrophobia,” or a fear of water.

What kind of virus causes rabies in humans?

Rabies virus. Rabies lyssavirus, formerly Rabies virus, is a neurotropic virus that causes rabies in humans and animals.

What are the symptoms of rabies in humans?

It is caused by a virus. Rabies is mainly a disease of animals. Humans get rabies when they are bitten by infected animals. At first there might not be any symptoms. But weeks, or even months after a bite, rabies can cause pain, fatigue, headaches, fever, and irritability.

Are there any diseases that are similar to rabies?

Diseases that can mimic encephalitic rabies: viral encephalitis (i.e. Japanese, eastern equine, West Nile) delirium tremens. acute substance intoxication (i.e. cocaine, amphetamines) acute psychoses. bacterial meningitis. cerebral malaria.

How do you get rabies from an animal?

Rabies is a serious disease that is caused by a virus. It is mainly a disease of animals, but humans can get rabies when animals infected with the disease bite them. The virus is transmitted to humans through the infected animal’s saliva. Very rare cases occur when infected saliva gets into someone’s eyes or mouth or…