What is an active-active?

What is an active-active?

Also known as Dual Active Clustering, Active/Active clustering means that independent nodes in a networked server cluster have access to their own replicated database server. Since the databases are replicated, it mimics having only one instance of the application, allowing data to stay in sync.

What is active-active disaster recovery?

Active-Active Disaster Recovery An active-active, or stretched clustering, configuration is the deployment of a second identical live infrastructure which continually replicates with the first site. This framework will typically consist of only two sites.

What is replication active-active?

Active/active replication is a setup in which multiple databases with the same application tables operate independently with changes synchronized between them. An active/active replication setup may only involve two active databases but is certainly not restricted two.

What are the two configurations of failover system?

The most common high availability (HA) configurations are active-active and active-standby or active-passive. These implementation techniques both improve reliability, but each achieves failover in a different way.

Is always on active active?

In alwayson availablility group you can have readable secondaries (only with enterprise license) to offload some tasks like backups, readonly activities etc… Both solutions are not considered active active sql server installation if you consider a single database.

How does active/active firewall work?

Active/Active — Both firewalls in the pair are active and processing traffic and work synchronously to handle session setup and session ownership. Both firewalls individually maintain session tables and routing tables and synchronize to each other. Active/active HA is supported in virtual wire and Layer 3 deployments.

How do you check if the cluster is active-active or active-passive?

Like the active-active cluster configuration, an active-passive cluster also consists of at least two nodes. However, as the name “active-passive” implies, not all nodes are going to be active. In the case of two nodes, for example, if the first node is already active, the second node must be passive or on standby.

What is active-active datacenter?

The term active-active refers to the use of at least two data centers where both can service an application at any time, so each functions as an active application site. This means the application continues to be accessible even if parts of the network or servers fail unexpectedly.

What is the difference between failover and high availability?

High Availability and Failover. A part of high availability is failover which we define as the ability for client connections to migrate from one server to another in event of server failure so client applications can continue to operate. …

How do you check if the cluster is active active or active passive?

What is active active database?

An active/active system is a network of independent processing nodes, each having access to a common replicated database such that all nodes can participate in a common application. The database copies may be connected directly to the network, or they may each be directly attached to one of the nodes.

When should I use active/active firewall?

Active/active mode is recommended if each firewall needs its own routing instances and you require full, real-time redundancy out of both firewalls all the time.

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