What is a good BMI for a 79 year old male?

What is a good BMI for a 79 year old male?

A body mass index of 18.5-24.9 is considered normal, a BMI of 25 to 29.9 is considered overweight, and a BMI of 30 or more is considered obese. Based on BMI scores, a 5-foot, 7-inch adult would be considered: Underweight at less than 118 pounds (BMI <18.5), Normal weight at 118 to 159 pounds (BMI = 18.5-24.9)

What is the average size by age?

What is considered a normal growth rate?

Age Height – Females Height – Males
12 55 to 64 inches 54 to 63.5 inches
14 59 to 67.5 inches 59 to 69.5 inches
16 60 to 68 inches 63 to 73 inches
18 60 to 68.5 inches 65 to 74 inches

How tall is the average man in his life?

Average Male (Fitness Stats) Age when the average guy is in the best shape of his life: 23 years The average man is about 5′ 9″ tall. He weighs 175 pounds.

How old is the average man in the United States?

The average man is 34.4 years old. The average man is married with two children. The average man earns $36,100 per year and has $3,100 in the bank. The average man sleeps about 7 hours on a work night. Age when the average guy is in the best shape of his life: 23 years

What’s the average weight of a man in his 50s?

The first thing that you notice on the men’s height and weight chart, besides the colors, are the curves, showing that men are gradually gaining weight until their early 50’s. After that, the average weight for men gradually declines. This is nature – natural and healthy. The average weight for men is around 180 pounds.

What’s the average weight for a 18 year old male?

From 18 +, boys are on average between 69 and 70 inches tall (5’7″ and 5’8″) and weigh somewhere between 148 and 160 pounds. What is the average weight for men according to physique? There are a few physique competitors that weigh around 200 pounds on stage.

How tall is the average 18 year old male?

Age Height Weight 18 years old 5.7 Feet 62 kg (138 ib)

How much weight should a man have by age?

Age Weight Chart For Men Age Pounds 20 – 29 years 168 30 – 39 years 179 40 – 49 years 182 50 – 59 years 185

How is the normal weight for a 70 year old woman determined?

A healthy weight is determined by height rather than age, so your normal weight shouldn’t change — whether you’re 25 or 70 years of age. A variety of formulas are available to determine your ideal body weight, but keep in mind they don’t factor in your activity level, muscle mass and frame size.

What’s the average life expectancy of a 75 year old male?

Share: Age Life Expectancy-Male Life Expectancy-Female 75 11.18 12.97 76 10.58 12.29 77 10.00 11.62 78 9.43 10.98