What happens if prolactin serum is high?

What happens if prolactin serum is high?

Excess prolactin can cause the production of breast milk in men and in women who are not pregnant or breastfeeding. In women, too much prolactin can also cause menstrual problems and infertility (the inability to get pregnant). In men, it can lead to lower sex drive and erectile dysfunction (ED).

What happens if a woman has high prolactin levels?

Some women have high prolactin levels without any symptoms. In men, high prolactin levels can cause galactorrhea, impotence (inability to have an erection during sex), reduced desire for sex, and infertility. A man with untreated hyperprolactinemia may make less sperm or no sperm at all.

Can a tumor on the pituitary gland cause high prolactin?

Hypothyroidism, taking pills against nausea, some other medicines that can cause high prolactin. It could also be a prolactinoma, a small tumor on the pituitary gland which produces the hormone prolactin. The only way to find out is by getting an MRI scan. If you have a prolactinoma you will get medication to lower your prolactin levels.

Can a high prolactin level cause eye problems?

Eye Problems – Some men may show symptoms of an elevated prolactin level, but they do not consult the doctor. They only get to know their condition when they get headaches and eye problems due to pituitary pressure on the optic chiasma. Decreased Libido – Men also experience this symptom.

When do you need a blood test for hyperprolactinemia?

If a man is experiencing erectile dysfunction, their doctor may recommend a blood test to look for excess prolactin. How is hyperprolactinemia diagnosed? To diagnose hyperprolactinemia, a doctor performs a blood test to check prolactin levels. If prolactin levels are high, the doctor will test for other conditions.

What else could explain high prolactin levels?

Below are other conditions that can also cause high prolactin levels: Breast stimulation Orgasm Stress Pregnancy Kidney failure Liver disease Lesions in the spinal cord Other medical conditions such as sarcoidosis, metastases, hemochromatosis, Cushing syndrome, hypothalamic disease, tuberculosis, head trauma, empty sella syndrome, and meningioma Radiation therapy for the skull An eating disorder called anorexia

What causes increase in prolactin hormone levels?

Other causes of elevated prolactin levels are hypothyroidism and polycystic ovary syndrome or PCOS. They might cause the prolactin level to slightly rise. Many other diseases can also cause a rise in prolactin levels. The symptoms of menopause may also cause high prolactin levels.

What happens if your prolactin (PRL) levels are low?

What happens if your prolactin (PRL) levels are low? If your prolactin levels are below the normal range, this could mean your pituitary gland isn’t working well. That’s known as hypopituitarism. Lower levels of prolactin usually don’t need medical treatment.

What does high prolactin levels mean?

High levels of prolactin are seen in those who have hypothyroidism. PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) is a hormonal / ovarian disorder which triggers hyperprolactinemia. Kidney dysfunction is another significant cause. Pituitary dysfunction and / or pituitary tumors cause high levels as well.