What does it mean if you have small kidneys?

What does it mean if you have small kidneys?

The kidney is small at birth, or never grows with the rest of the body. This is a common cause of a small kidney detected in childhood. The medical name for this is congenital dysplasia. In some people both kidneys can be affected by congenital dysplasia, and there may be kidney failure.

How common is it to have one kidney smaller than the other?

It is quite a common – it is estimated that one baby in a few hundred will be born with one hypoplastic (small) kidney. If this affects one kidney, it is called unilateral renal hypoplasia. Many children with one small kidney do not have long-term problems, but may need to go back to the doctor for tests.

What causes kidneys to not develop?

Genetic factors can cause kidney dysplasia. Genes pass information from both parents to the child and determine the child’s traits. Sometimes, parents may pass a gene that has changed, or mutated, causing kidney dysplasia. Genetic syndromes that affect multiple body systems can also cause kidney dysplasia.

Is it normal to have one small kidney and one normal kidney?

It is normal to have one small kidney and one normal kidneys. When the kidney size is smaller than the normal size, it has a medical term “Kidney Shrinkage” or “Kidney Atrophy”. It is necessary for you to get to know the causes, symptoms, prognosis and treatment of Kidney Shrinkage.

Can a smaller kidney lead to kidney failure?

A kidney that is smaller in size can lead to kidney disease. A greater decrease in kidney size, especially for both kidneys, can lead to kidney failure. What causes kidney atrophy? Kidney atrophy may be due to:

Is the kidney in the lower abdomen normal?

A kidney in the lower abdomen is called a pelvic kidney. Many pelvic kidneys have normal function, but in some people a pelvic kidney can be small or have abnormalities in the drainage system, giving a risk of recurrent infection. The kidney is damaged because of a faulty drainage system, usually a condition called reflux nephropathy.

Why are some people born with small kidneys?

This can happen for two basic reasons. The first is that part of the kidney does not develop from birth (called a congenital problem) making a small kidney. This type of kidney atrophy or small kidney usually does not need any special treatment. The second type happens after birth, which can occur in one or both kidneys.