What do teenagers in Belgium do for fun?

What do teenagers in Belgium do for fun?

Belgian teenagers enjoy many of the same activities as American teens. The most popular sport is soccer, but basketball, volleyball, swimming, track, and bicycling are all popular.

What is school like in Belgium?

The school system in Belgium is structured on three levels – pre-school, primary and secondary – and includes children from the age of two-and-a-half up to 18. Education is split along language lines, so each of the three communities (French, Dutch and German) runs its own system.

What is high school called in Belgium?

Education System in Belgium

Primary Primary 6–12
Secondary General Secondary (ASO) 12–18
Secondary Artistic Secondary (KSO) 12–18
Secondary Vocational Secondary (BSO) 12–19
Vocational Technical Secondary (TSO) 12–18

How long is high school in Belgium?

While some aspects may differ, the compulsory school age throughout Belgium is between six and 18. Compulsory education is divided into primary (6-12 years) and secondary (12-18 years).

What are some traditions in Belgium?

Traditions Only Belgians Can Understand

  • Masked, orange-pelting figures at Carnival de Binche.
  • Saint Nicholas, a second Santa.
  • Songs and candy on Old Year’s Day.
  • Fish wine at the Krakelingen Festival.
  • A giant omelet and clucking mascots.
  • Roaming giants at the Ducasse of Ath.
  • Catching the dragon’s tail at the Ducasse of Mons.

What is the culture like in Belgium?

Famous elements of the Belgian culture include gastronomy (Belgian beers, fries, chocolate, waffles, etc.), the comic strip tradition (Tintin, the Smurfs, Spirou & Fantasio, the Marsupilami, Lucky Luke, Largo Winch, etc.), painting and architecture (the Art Nouveau, the Mosan art, the Early Netherlandish painting, the …

Is school free in Belgium?

In Belgium, access to education is free until the end of compulsory schooling, that is, until 18 years old. Nevertheless, certain costs of schooling can be charged to the parents. In the Brussels-Capital Region, the languages of education are Dutch or French, as the parents choose. …

Is English taught in Belgium?

If you want to study in Belgium in English, there is a large number of universities to choose from – many of which are highly reputed, top-ranked institutions. All bachelor programmes are taught in Dutch here, but many of the Masters and postgraduate courses can be pursued in English.

What is a passing grade in Belgium?

Grande distinction: 80% – 89,9% Distinction: 70% – 79,9% Satisfaction: 60% – 69,9% Pass without honours: 50% – 59,9%

Are schools free in Belgium?

What is life like in Belgium?

Living in Belgium High living standards and excellent public facilities are two of the things that have made Belgium a popular destination for expats. It also has many top attractions, a friendly and diverse culture, and is the home of multiple European Union (EU) institutions.

Who is famous from Belgium?

From leading intellectuals to pop and Hollywood stars, these are 10 notable people whose roots can be found in Belgium.

  • Justus Lipsius. Justus Lipsius was born in Overijse, in 1547.
  • Anna Rosalie Boch.
  • Adolphe Sax.
  • Lily Boeykens.
  • Jean Baptiste ‘Django’ Reinhardt.
  • Marie Moke Pleyel.
  • René Magritte.
  • Audrey Hepburn.

How much time do teens spend watching TV in Belgium?

Teens spend about two hours a day watching television. Belgium has an excellent public transportation system, but private cars are also used. The driving age is 18, most people get their license then. Your student will probably be used to getting around easily on public transportation.

How old do you have to be to go to school in Belgium?

Each community has their own regulations in regard to the education system and enrolment in schools. While some aspects may differ, the compulsory school age throughout Belgium is between six and 18. Compulsory education is divided into primary (6-12 years) and secondary (12-18 years).

What to wear in Belgium in the spring?

Such moody weather is especially typical for spring, so it’s important to pack accordingly. As you plan what to wear in Belgium, keep in mind that the trick is to pack and wear layers. But don’t plan on just wearing tops with woolen sweaters over them. Instead, try layering like this: tank top > long sleeve shirt > cardigan > jacket.

When is the best time to visit Belgium?

Like most of Europe, Belgium’s busiest seasons include summer through fall due to the great weather and most attractions open at this time, with spring and winter offering chillier weather but more open spaces. However, you can easily enjoy this quaint and beautiful country any season of the year!