What did Ann Miller die of?

What did Ann Miller die of?

Lung cancer
Ann Miller/Cause of death
Ann Miller, the raven-haired, long-legged actress and dancer whose machine-gun taps won her stardom during the golden age of movie musicals, died Thursday of lung cancer.

How old is Ann Miller?

80 years (1923–2004)
Ann Miller/Age at death

Did Ann Miller ever dance with Fred Astaire?

Although she was unable to break through to the front ranks of movie stardom, Miller danced alongside legends Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire in a series of films for MGM in the late 1940s and early ’50s, including “Easter Parade,” “On the Town” and “Kiss Me Kate.”

Is actress Ann Miller still alive?

Deceased (1923–2004)
Ann Miller/Living or Deceased

Who was dancer Ann Miller married to?

Arthur Cameronm. 1961–1962
Bill Mossm. 1958–1961Reese Llewellyn Milnerm. 1946–1947
Ann Miller/Spouse

Personal life Miller married three times, to Reese Llewellyn Milner in 1946, to William Moss in 1958, and to Arthur Cameron in 1961, and in between marriages dated such well-known men as Howard Hughes, Conrad Hilton, and Louis B. Mayer.

Where did Ann Miller die?

Los Angeles, California, United States
Ann Miller/Place of death

Who married Ann Miller too?

Who is the fastest tap dancer in the world?

Michael Flatley
Michael Flatley, the American-Irish creator of Riverdance and Lord of the Dance claims he is the world’s fastest tapper on the website of his current show, Celtic Tiger.

Who is the best tap dancer ever?

13 of the Best Tap Dancers of All Time

  • The Nicholas Brothers. ORLANDO SCULPTUREMUSEUM.
  • Gene Kelly. lbarnard86.
  • Fred Astaire. MrBearNaked.
  • Ginger Rogers. PepsiPrime.
  • Gregory Hines. The Kennedy Center.
  • Savion Glover. MDA Telethon.
  • Chloe Arnold. Syncopated Ladies by Chloe Arnold.
  • Michelle Dorrance. The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

Was Ann Miller a child star?

Miller died at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, said Esme Chandlee, her longtime friend and former publicist. A onetime childhood dance prodigy, she reached the peak of her film career at MGM in the late 1940s and early ’50s with “On the Town,” “Easter Parade” and “Kiss Me Kate.”

How fast could Ann Miller tap?

500 taps per minute
In her heyday, Miller was America’s leading female tap dance star, inheriting the mantle from Eleanor Powell. She preferred a vigorous approach to dancing that was athletic and speedy, and claimed to be able to dance at 500 taps per minute, which no one disputed.

Did Ann Miller do her own singing in Kiss Me Kate?

Although most of the original score remained intact for the film, the song Bianca was cut, but strangely not completely. One backstage shot shows Ann Miller and several performers dancing to the song, but not singing any of the lyrics.