What are the side effects of morphine infusion?

What are the side effects of morphine infusion?

Nervous system. Patients receiving continuous infusion of morphine sulfate via indwelling intrathecal catheter should be monitored for new neurologic signs or symptoms. Further assessment or intervention should be based on the clinical condition of the individual patient. Myoclonic spasms may occur in patients receiving high dose morphine,…

Why are morphine overdoses higher at 3 days?

Mortality was higher among patients receiving morphine at all examined intermediate times, although the most significant risk increase was noted at 3 days (mortality 8.0% vs. 2.5%). The authors posit that this may be due to the pharmacokinetics of morphine administration.

How does morphine affect the healing of a wound?

Normally, cytokine production in and around the wounded area increases in order to fight infection and control healing (and, possibly, to control pain), but pre-incisional morphine administration (0.1 mg/kg to 10.0 mg/kg) reduced the number of cytokines found around the wound in a dose-dependent manner.

What are the side effects of morphine in the eye?

1 Constricted, pinpoint, or small pupils (black part of the eye) 2 decreased awareness or responsiveness 3 extreme drowsiness 4 fever 5 increased blood pressure 6 increased thirst 7 lower back or side pain 8 muscle cramps, spasms, pain, or stiffness 9 no muscle tone or movement 10 severe sleepiness

How does morphine affect your life after surgery?

of Americans who undergo common surgeries have chronic pain after their procedure. This pain affects their daily life and wellness. Morphine is used to ease both acute (immediate) and chronic (long-lasting) pain. However, morphine has serious side effects. Doctors consider these every time they prescribe it.

When to turn to morphine for pain relief?

Although it is rarely the first drug to trigger addiction, the risk of this rises as it is prescribed more widely. Also, with more prescriptions for stronger versions available, more people may turn to morphine when they can no longer get hydrocodone, oxycodone, or even heroin.

What did morphine do to a dying man?

Morphine given continually is a must to keep this man relaxed and relatively comfortable. The morphine did not kill him, it allowed him to leave this world more gently than if he were suffering physically. Now let’s explore a controversial thought. What if the morphine had killed his father?

What are the side effects of morphine in the Civil War?

During the American Civil War, this side effect became more widely known, as many soldiers developed morphine dependence. Morphine and other opioids have serious side effects. They have to be understood and managed so patients can get the full benefits with fewer risks. Let’s take a closer look at morphine and its effects. Why is it prescribed?