What are the pros and cons of air pollution?

What are the pros and cons of air pollution?

List of Pros of Air Pollution. 1. It makes people pay more attention to the environment. Air pollution has been a problem since way back, but it’s only in recent years that we have been seriously considering the effects of this problem. We inherited Earth but we failed to protect it.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of water pollution?

Water pollution is the dumping of foreign materials in water. Water pollution has the following advantages: helps in disposing harmful materials off the land surface and is inexpensive. Disadvantages of water pollution include: waterborne diseases, death of aquatic life and hindrance to boating activities.

What are some of the effects of pollution?

Causes like chemicals and bacterial viruses can effects the water of Oceans, Rivers and lakes. And this water directly damage the fields and our vegetables and fruits and also reservation water under the ground. It is also disadvantage able for the insects and fishes that living under the water.

Is the rise of air pollution a good thing?

Our world is slowly dying and it’s only us who can try to make it a habitable world for future generations. And if the continued rise of air pollution around the world won’t make us do anything, then we might just as well bid farewell to the only place we call home.

What are some cons about pollution?

  • Causes. The causes of pollution are not just limited to fossil fuels and carbons emissions.
  • all around you.
  • Conclusion.

    What are the affects of pollution?

    Pollution not only affects humans by destroying their respiratory, cardiovascular and neurological systems; it also affects the nature, plants, fruits, vegetables, rivers, ponds, forests, animals, etc, on which they are highly dependent for survival.

    What are the positive effects of water pollution?

    Water pollution helps in avoiding other forms of pollution. Dumping of waste in water helps to free the land of harmful materials. When chemicals from factories are dumped in water rather than on land, it means crops from rain-fed agriculture will not be affected. Water pollution prevents health hazards.

    What is the effect of pollution on ecosystem?

    Research shows that air pollution may effect ecosystems. Air pollutants such as sulfur may lead to excess amounts of acid in lakes and streams, and can damage trees and forest soils. Nitrogen in the atmosphere can harm fish and other aquatic life when deposited on surface waters.