What are the health risks for oil field workers?

What are the health risks for oil field workers?

Despite enhanced Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) regulations for the oil and gas industry, oil field workers still face exposure to significant health risks while on the clock. Most fatal injuries result from transportation accidents; particularly when workers have to drive from one work site to another.

How does the oil and gas industry affect workers?

The oil and gas industry poses significant threats to worker safety in numerous ways – the toxicity of the oil, the hazards of working with heavy machinery, and the risk of fires and explosions, to name a few. From 2003 to 2010, workers died on the job at a rate that was seven times greater than the rate for all U.S. industries.

How many accidents occur in the oil and gas industry?

The Survey of Occupational Injuries and Illnesses collects case and demographic information on cases with days away from work. These are presumed to be the most severe cases. The rate of these cases in drilling oil and gas wells ranged from 1.5 in 2003 to 2.8 in 2004.

Who are the most injured oil and Gas Workers?

Workers age 25 to 34 incurred the most fatal work injuries (48 fatalities or 40 percent in 2008). The majority of the workers were White, non-Hispanic (75 percent), while 17 percent were Hispanic or Latino 2 . Ten fatally injured workers were foreign born in 2008.

How many workers were killed in the oil and gas industry?

There were four fatal work injuries where a pedestrian was struck by a vehicle or mobile equipment and five aircraft fatal work injuries in 2008. Workers who were fatally injured after being struck by objects and equipment accounted for 22 of the 30 fatal work injuries involving contact with objects and equipment.

Are there any health hazards in the oil and gas industry?

Health and safety has been prioritized in oil and gas industry for many years. Still, occupational hygiene exposures are often taken with proper care to determine the true risk to workers. Below describe top occupational health hazards that your workers should be aware of. This sector produces and uses many chemical products on its working sites.

How many days away from work does the oil and gas industry have?

In 2007, the drilling oil and gas wells industry had a median of 30, much higher than the median for all industries of 7. One reason for the high median days away from work is that 25 percent of injuries and illnesses with days away from work are fractures, which typically have a long recovery time.

Where are the most oil and gas accidents?

The three states with the most oil and gas extraction industry fatal work injuries in 2008 were Texas (41 fatal work injuries), Oklahoma (21 fatal work injuries), and Louisiana (13 fatal work injuries).