What are the effects of an inhalant drug?

What are the effects of an inhalant drug?

Inhalants include a group of psychoactive substances that are typically consumed only through inhalation. They are often used recreationally, even though that’s usually not their intended purpose. Users may experience effects similar to depressants, including slurred speech, lack of bodily control, dizziness, and a sense of euphoria.

How does an inhaler affect the central nervous system?

Inhalants are substances – such as nitrates and aerosol sprays – that produce vapors for a person to inhale. Inhalants induce a psychoactive effect when sniffed or inhaled due to the changes happening in the central nervous system (CNS).

What kind of gases can be abused as inhalants?

Gases that can be abused as inhalants include medical anesthetics and gases found in common household or commercial products. Some of these include: The above three categories of inhalants act on the central nervous system and give the user a psychoactive effect, either mind-altering or mood-altering or both.

Are there any substances that can only be inhaled?

Although other commonly misused substances can also be inhaled, the general term for “inhalants” is described as a substance that can produce mind-altering effects and can only be inhaled. What Are Inhalants? As mentioned above, inhalants are substances that are normally found in medical, household, and industrial products (e.g. butane lighters).

What are the harmful effects of inhalants?

Health Effects of Inhalants. Most inhalants are toxic, with serious health effects, including: liver and kidney damage. hearing loss. bone marrow damage. nerve damage resulting in loss of coordination and limb spasms.

How do inhalants affect you emotionally?

Inhalants may affect different parts the brain and nervous system and may cause a variety of sensory, motor, psychological and emotional problems. One major effect of inhalants is the destruction of the myelin sheath that surrounds neurons.

How do inhalants effect your social life?

  • Division within a family unit
  • Unwillingness to participate in activities once enjoyed
  • Alienation from social functions
  • Isolation from loved ones

    How do inhalants affect the body?

    How Inhalants Affect the Body. Most inhalants depress the central nervous system and slow down brain activity. Short-term effects of inhalants are similar to alcohol and include: slurred or distorted speech. lack of coordination (control of body movement) euphoria (feeling “high”) dizziness. stumbling and spasmodic reactions.