What are the different classifications for medical marijuana?

What are the different classifications for medical marijuana?

However, the most common classification assignments applicable to medical cannabis operations also apply to equivalent recreational marijuana operations. Cannabis or marijuana cultivation can occur indoors or outdoors, using conventional or hydroponic methods.

When was marijuana classified as a Schedule I drug?

Marijuana has been classified as a Schedule I drug, the highest rank by the Drug Enforcement Administration, since the 1970s.

What’s the classification of a retail marijuana store?

The manufacture of cannabis-infused beverages is classified as 2163, Bottling – beverages. Retail marijuana dispensaries are classified as 8017 (1), Stores – retail. This is consistent with other retail pharmacies and drug stores.

Why is marijuana considered to be a fascinating drug?

Marijuana is a fascinating drug, because it’s effects varies from one person to another, it has effects that falls under 3 drug categories (Depressant, Narcotics, Hallucinogen)

What are the harmful substances in marijuana?

– Respiratory system. Much like tobacco smoke, marijuana smoke is made up of a variety of toxic chemicals, including ammonia and hydrogen cyanide, which can irritate your bronchial passages and lungs. – Circulatory system. THC moves from your lungs into your bloodstream and throughout your body. – Central nervous system. – Digestive system. – Immune system.

What prescription drug is similar to marijuana?

Dronabinol and nabilone, currently are the only FDA approved prescriptions available as substitutions for marijuana. Ongoing research reported in the “Journal of Neuroscience” in 2005, indicates potential future synthetic cannabinoids with a possibility for medical use.

What is the Federal classification of marijuana?

Under the scheduling system, the federal government classifies marijuana as a schedule 1 drug, meaning it’s perceived to have no medical value and a high potential for abuse. The classification puts marijuana in the same category as heroin and a more restrictive category than schedule 2 drugs like cocaine and meth.

Is weed considered a drug?

Weed is a slang term for marijuana or cannabis. It is an illegal drug to possess in the United States. Some people have a medical card that allows them to grow, manufacture and possess marijuana but only under strict regulations. Weed is considered one of the most commonly abused and illicit drugs in the United States,…