What are the contents of a home first aid kit?

What are the contents of a home first aid kit?

Home First Aid Kits Contents 1 Burns 2 Cuts 3 Abrasions (scrapes) 4 Stings 5 Splinters 6 Sprains 7 Strains

What should I have in my car for first aid?

Emergency Car Kit. Keep an emergency kit in your car. A battery-powered radio and flashlight, with extra batteries. A blanket. Booster (jumper) cables. A fire extinguisher. A Canadian Red Cross first aid kit and manual.

How to prepare for a first aid emergency?

To be prepared for emergencies: 1 Keep a first aid kit in your home and in your car. 2 Carry a first aid kit with you or know where you can find one. 3 Find out the location of first aid kits where you work.

Where can I get a Canadian Red Cross First Aid Kit?

For more information on the different models of Canadian Red Cross first aid kits that are available, please contact your local Red Cross office or visit shop.redcross.ca.

What are necessary items in a first aid kit?

First Aid Kit Essentials ACE Bandage. ACE bandages are an incredibly versatile tool, providing support and compression for twists, sprains, or other minor joint injuries. Gauze. Medical Tape. Tweezers. Antiseptic Wash. Nitrile Gloves. SAM Splint. Pain Relievers. Instant Cold Pack. Band-Aids.

What’s in your home first aid kit?

Home kit: A household first aid kit should include these items: Adhesive tape Anesthetic spray (Bactine) or lotion (Calamine, Campho-Phenique) – for itching rashes and insect bites 4″ x 4″ sterile gauze pads – for covering and cleaning wounds, as a soft eye patch

What is in a well stocked first aid kit?

So what does a well-stocked first aid kit contain? As a basic minimum the first aid kit should contain the following: Cleansing wipes – used to clean wounds but also to clean hands when water is not available. Adhesive tape – to secure bandages.

What does a first aid kit typically contain?

The first aid kit contains disinfectants for wounds, abrasions and open cuts, bandages and bandages of various sizes for cases of bruises, wounds, and even warts, means of fixing fractures and sprains in hands and feet, treatment for severe cases of blood loss and treatment of burns .