What are the benefits of RH law in the Philippines?

What are the benefits of RH law in the Philippines?

The RH Bill will improve public access to reproductive health information and services. This includes the free provision of family planning service and commodities to the poor, marginalized and under-served.

What is the disadvantage of RH bill?

The disadvantages of the proposed law include the presumed encroachment on the law to the revered Filipino values of abortion; the violation of religious dogma in a predominantly Catholic nation; and the allocation of limited government resources to the family planning programs.

What are the benefits of reproductive health education?

Comprehensive reproductive health education for family physicians could benefit patients by improving access to safe care for unintended pregnancy and early pregnancy loss and by improving continuity of care, especially for rural and low-income women.

Why do we need RH bill?

The CRC Committee recommended the urgent adoption of the RH Bill, to “ensure access to reproductive health counse[ling] and provide all adolescents with accurate and objective information and culturally sensitive services in order to prevent teenage pregnancies, including by providing wide access to a broad variety of …

What are the responsibilities of society towards reproductive health?

These include fostering healthy and responsible behaviours; promoting equitable and mutually respectful and responsible gender relations; increasing reproductive choice especially for women; increasing male responsibility in reproductive health; meeting the information, education and service needs of women and …

Why do we need the reproductive health care bill?

The Comprehensive Reproductive Health Care Bill (RH bill) recommends that the government provide mandatory reproductive health education starting at Grade 5. According to our obligations under CEDAW, “teenage pregnancies…present a significant obstacle to girls’ educational opportunities and economic empowerment.”

How is the reproductive health bill similar to an antibiotic?

The Reproductive Health bill (or RH) is analogous to an antiseptic not antibiotic. An antiseptic inhibits the multiplication of a certain foreign organism from the body but an antibiotic kills the a certain foreign organism from the body. Similarly, RH bill don’t kill humans, but inhibits it’s multiplication.

What are the benefits of the RH Bill?

One of the content of RH Bill is family planning that includes contraceptive methods; it can help to reduce the birth rate in a family that causes overpopulation.

What is responsible parenthood and Reproductive Health Act of 2012?

The Responsible Parenthood and Reproductive Health Act of 2012 (Republic Act No. 10354), informally known as the Reproductive Health Law, is a law in the Philippines which guarantees universal access to methods of contraception, fertility control, sexual education, and maternal care.

Why do I support the Reproductive Health Bill?

The passage of the RH Bill will mean a ““national, rights-based, comprehensive and i ntegrated approach to reproductive health ” for the Filipino nations. The RH Bill will help curb maternal mortality and morbidity. The RH Bill will ensure an adequate number of skilled health providers to assist births in every local government unit.

Why did the Philippines pass the Reproductive Health Bill?

Filipino law has long defended the right to life of all persons, whether born or unborn. The Reproductive Health Bill makes only an ambiguous statement of principle (“While nothing in this Act changes the law against abortion…”) as part of a care provision for post-abortion complications.

What does the Reproductive Health Act do for women?

The Reproductive Health Act Clarifies that Licensed and Qualified Health Care Practitioners May Provide Early and Safe Care to Patients The Reproductive Health Act ensures that medical practitioners who are licensed, certified, and trained to provide abortion care may lawfully do so, thereby improving access to care.

What is the reproductive health bill in Kenya?

THE REPRODUCTIVE HEALTHCARE BILL, 2019 A Bill for AN ACT of Parliament to provide for the right to reproductive health care; to set the standards of reproductive health; provide for the right to make decisions regarding reproductive health; and for connected purposes. ENACTEDby the Parliament of Kenya, as follows—