How to Choose the Best Call Recording Software

How to Choose the Best Call Recording Software

Ultimately, the best call recording software for your business will depend on the individual needs of your organisation. Yet there are some goals that all businesses can agree on no matter what sector they operate in. Great customer service, efficient use of resources, improving profit levels and staying compliant with laws relevant to their industry are all priorities for most types of businesses. Call recording software can go a long way to helping you achieve these aims, as long as you ask the right questions before committing to any one system. Here are some criteria that you may want to ask about before you choose call recording software.

How Much Will It Cost to Implement?

What will it cost to purchase the call recording software and integrate it into your existing systems? You must consider not just the initial cost of the software itself, but any further costs involved in getting it set up and talking to other programs you commonly use. How much will training your staff cost? Will there be necessary maintenance and upgrades that cost more money down the track? Are all of these financial commitments covered by your budget? Make sure you also include any infrastructure changes and costs of IT staff time.

How Easy Is It To Use?

Call recording software can have all the bells and whistles, but if it’s hard to use or too complicated, then it’s not going to be easy to train people in it. Make sure you look out for software that’s intuitive and has a useful help section built into it for new users. Ask yourself, how well will this software span across multiple sites? Is it easy to make network wide changes to handsets as well as to individual handsets as necessary? How long will it take to set up the system and connect it to hardware? All these points are worth considering carefully before you make a decision.

How Fast Does It Work?

You can expect any basic call recording software to record your phone conversations. But how quickly can you retrieve the recorded calls? Is it easy to search for what you need to find exactly? Usually call recording software will use tags as a touchstone to find items with certain qualities. Does this function work effectively on the call recording software you’re thinking of buying? Make sure you ask plenty of questions and test out this function.

Is It Flexible for Growth?

Your call centre or other business is likely to grow, all things going to plan, so it makes sense to choose a call recording solution that can adapt to these changes. Call recording software should be usable across several sites and display information onscreen in an easy to interpret way. If you need to conserve costs and downsize, your call recording software should also be able to handle that too without wasting financial resources.

Is it Secure and Compliant?

The way your call recording software stores its calls is important when it comes to security and compliance with privacy laws. For example, some call recording software has a special function to automatically remove private details such as credit card numbers. This ensures compliance and saves time by making this process automatic. Make sure the data is also stored on the cloud in a manner that complies with your country’s data laws.