How old was Victor Vasarely when he died?

How old was Victor Vasarely when he died?

90 years (1906–1997)
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Victor Vasarely, a leader of the short-lived Op Art movement of the 1960’s, died at a private clinic in Paris on Saturday. He was 90.

Is Victor Vasarely still alive?

Deceased (1906–1997)
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Where did Victor Vasarely die?

Paris, France
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Did Victor Vasarely have children?

Jean-Pierre Yvaral
Andre Vasarely
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What was Victor Vasarely inspired by?

During the 1930s he was influenced by Constructivism, but by the 1940s his characteristic style of painting animated surfaces of geometric forms and interacting colours had emerged.

When did Victor Vasarely move to France?

He had become a French citizen in 1959, and in 1961, Victor and Claire moved to Annet-sur-Marne, where Vasarely would remain until the end of his life.

What was Victor Vasarely’s childhood like?

Childhood. Victor Vasarely was born in the city of Pécs, Hungary, in 1906. Shortly afterwards, his family moved to Pieštany in Slovakia, where he spent his childhood years, though he also travelled extensively across Eastern Europe.

What paint did Victor Vasarely use?

Victor Vasarely, leader of the Op Art movement of 1960’s, used disorientating effects to create often impossible images to the human eye, such as these Vasarely prints and sculptures.

Who was considered the mother of Op Art?

Fans of op-art consider Bridget Riley to be the mother of op-art, further developing optical art from Victor Vasarely’s style and approach. She was born in 1931 in Norwood. Her father, a printer, had to move because of work, and so did the family. They ended up in Lincolnshire, but soon relocated to Cornwall.

What influenced Victor Vasarely work?

Victor Vasarely (French/Hungarian, 1906–1997) is known as the father of the Op Art movement. Vasarely’s work was heavily influenced by his time spent at Breton Beach of Belle Isle in France, which also prompted the creation of his Belle Isle series.

What is the most famous piece of Op art?

Victor Vasarely In 1930 he moved to Paris to work as a graphic artist and creative consultant for various advertising agencies. Eventually, Vasarely went on to produce art using optical illusion and in 1937 he painted “Zebras”, probably the first successful op-art piece in history.

Who was Victor Vasarely and what did he do?

Victor Vasarely was both a scientist and an artist. The father of a Modernist abstract art movement known as Op-Art, he comfortably inhabited both worlds. Initially trained in medicine, Vasarely approached art from a systematic perspective. He analyzed the formal qualities of what constituted an aesthetic object.

When was Victor Vasarely included in the Museum of Modern Art?

In 1965 Vasarely was included in the Museum of Modern Art exhibition The Responsive Eye, created under the direction of William C. Seitz. His Vega series plays with spherical swelling grids creating an optical illusion of volume.

Who was Victor Vasarely married to at Muhely?

Though Vasarely was based at the Mühely for only two years, it had a profound influence on his artistic development. Around this time, Vasarely met and married his fellow student Claire Spinner.

When did Victor Vasarely create notzabb painting?

His work entitled Notzabb, created in 1937, is considered by some to be one of the earliest examples of Op art . Vasarely was born in Pécs and grew up in Pöstyén (now Piešťany, Slovakia) and Budapest, where, in 1925, he took up medical studies at Eötvös Loránd University.

Vasarely spent his youth in Hungary before moving to France, where he spent most of his career as an artist. He died in Paris at the age of 90 in March of 1997. Art historians credit Vasarely with painting some of the earliest examples of Op Art.

What did Victor Vasarely do with his money?

After 1970 the popularity of Op Art, and thus Vasarely, waned. But the artist used the proceeds from his Op Art works to design and build his own museum in France, the Vasarely Museum. It closed in 1996, but there are several other museums in France and Hungary named after the artist.

Who are the sons of Victor Vasarely?

Victor Vasarely, Op Art Patriarch, Dies at 90. Mr. Vasarely’s wife, the former Claire Spinner, who was also an artist and whom he married in 1930, died several years ago. He is survived by two sons, Andre and Jean-Pierre, and three grandchildren, all of Paris.

How did Victor Vasarely come up with Op Art?

After an exhibition of graphic design with Ms. Rene in 1945, Mr. Vasarely turned increasingly to painting, first exhibiting his works at the gallery in 1948. He later credited the invention of Op Art with the experience of studying the way the intense light of southern France affected his vision.