How long is rehab after double knee replacement?

How long is rehab after double knee replacement?

Recovering from double knee replacement. Immediately after surgery, you’re taken to a recovery room for a few hours before being brought to your hospital room. You’ll remain in the hospital for three to five days after a staged double knee replacement, and up to 10 days after a simultaneous double knee replacement.

Is it safe to have a bilateral knee replacement?

BILATERAL KNEE REPLACEMENT Bilateral Total Knee Replacement is now a commonly performed procedure. Experience with this has shown this to be a safe, reliable procedure, with excellent outcomes, perhaps even exceeding isolated single knee replacement in terms of range of motion and function.

What to expect after a bilateral knee replacement?

Be prepared for intensive rehab after surgery. Usually, after routine knee replacement surgery patient goes home directly and receives in-home physical therapy. But with the bilateral procedure, they may have to stay in rehab facility for rehab work. Bodyweight: A person with excessive body weight is not an ideal candidate.

When to start physical therapy after knee replacement?

Within the first 6 weeks after bilateral knee replacement, you should be ready for physical therapy which allows for a natural transition back to the normal knee movement. Those that dedicate themselves to the physical therapy exercises usually recover faster than those that are reluctant to push themselves.

Why was Ed willing to have a knee replacement?

Ed’s surgeon, Dr. Ward, was willing to preform a bilateral knee replacement in part because of Ed’s commitment and dedication to preparing himself for success. He knew Ed was going to work very hard before and after his surgery. This opens in a new window.

When do you need a bilateral knee replacement?

When the cartilage has worn away in the knees, an artificial knee can replace it. In bilateral knee replacement surgery, the surface of the damaged lower leg and the thigh bone is removed. The damaged ends of the bones are shaved off and replaced with new plastic and metal surfaces.

What’s the range of motion after knee replacement surgery?

Range of motion will be a term you hear time and time again in the days and weeks following TKR surgery. This article shares my range of motion progress after total knee replacement surgery as well as my timeline and range of motion goals. As I’ve explained in earlier articles my TKR was a result of sports injuries suffered 40 plus years ago.

What is it called when both knees are replaced at the same time?

When both knees are replaced at the same time, the surgery is known as a simultaneous bilateral knee replacement. When each knee is replaced at a different time, it’s called a staged bilateral knee replacement. Either surgery may involve any combination of total knee replacement or partial knee replacement.

What’s the rehab protocol after a total knee replacement?

Rehabilitation Protocol After a Total Knee Replacement. A knee post-operative protocol is a general guideline that your surgeon and physical therapist may follow to ensure that you are progressing properly after your surgery. The TKR protocol provides you and your physical therapist a framework on which to build your rehabilitation program.