How is the recovery process for a concussion?

How is the recovery process for a concussion?

Recovery from concussion is a complex and dynamic process. During recovery it is critical to identify the factors responsible for symptoms and to develop a treatment plan targeting them. If recovery is not properly managed it can lead to unnecessarily prolonged recovery.

Are there any natural remedies for a concussion?

Below are seven natural remedies for concussion treatment. Other natural concussion treatment options to help recovery include diffusing lavender oil and other stress-reducing essential oils and participating in music therapy. 1. Sleep and Rest.

How to help with sleep after a concussion?

You can also help to counteract the sleep problems associated with concussions by avoiding screens for two hours before going to sleep. Learn more about the connection between less screen time and better sleep. 2. Limit exposure to bright lights and loud sounds

When to see your doctor after a concussion?

Contact your doctor to re-assess your symptoms. Your doctor will want to see you after 1 to 2 weeks to assess your recovery. Even if you are feeling better, make sure to follow up with your doctor. Your doctor will assess your recovery process and make recommendations based on your progress.

What is the average recovery time for a concussion?

The researchers used a concussion-symptom scale and found that patients who engaged in the most mental activity took about 100 days to completely recover, having no headaches, dizziness or blurred vision. For those who gave their brains time to heal, recovery time was cut to an average of 43 days, the study found.

Can you fully recover from a major concussion?

People fully recover from concussion within 1 month in most cases. Some factors can help recovery, including getting plenty of rest and eating a healthful, high protein diet. A concussion can occur due to certain types of traumatic brain injuries.

How long will it take Me to recover from a concussion?

Most people with concussions will experience a complete recovery, but the length of time it takes the body and mind to heal can vary. In most cases, someone will recover within a month. In rare cases, recovery can take longer than 6 weeks , which is known as post-concussion syndrome.

How to recover quicker from concussions?

  • Sleep. Sleeping helps your brain recover.
  • may make your symptoms worse.
  • Rest Your Brain. Try to take breaks from working or studying when you’re getting over a concussion.
  • Rest Your Body. Talk to your doctor about what physical activity you can do and when.
  • Avoid Use of Electronics.